2018 Book + Blog Goals

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I know it’s already the end of April, but because this is a new blog I wanted to share my reading and blog goals!

1. Read what I want to read.

I’ve spent too many years reading to hit a number goal. This year I marked my goal on Goodreads as 50, but my real goal is to read books that I’m enjoying. If I don’t like a book, then I put it down. I have limited time to read when my baby naps so I want to be reading books that I really enjoy. This year my reading is more about quality instead of quantity.

2. Finish writing my book.

This is one of my top priorities this year, I’ve wanted to write a book forever and I’ve started several dozen but I’m really good at not finishing them. Currently, I’m working on a YA contemporary and the main character has anxiety and PTSD. I’m really excited about the story and I hope that someday you’ll have my book in your hands! For now, I’m just trying to write a little bit each day, and I’m working on getting a set writing time every day so that I can be adding to the story every day.

3. Read once a day!

Books are so important to me. And I want to be reading every day. I have been listening to audiobooks while I feed my baby but I LOVE holding books in my hand, so I have a goal to read from a physical book daily, even if it’s just a few pages.

4. Make real connections on social media.

I don’t love setting number goals, because I don’t want Instagram or Twitter to be about the numbers. For me, social media is about making connections and I love all of my fellow book nerds that I’ve met on Instagram and on Twitter! I’d love to connect with more of you, so follow me here and here and let’s be friends!

5. Publish blog posts weekly.

There was a time when I was able to publish a blog post every day. While that was fun, it was also incredibly overwhelming. I realized that it was okay to slow down and publish posts when it worked better for me. Now I publish a new post every Friday, and in between those posts, I share book reviews when I’ve finished a book!

What are your reading + blog goals this year? I’d love to hear all about them so we can encourage each other!

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