7 Ways to Get More Out of General Conference

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Hi friends! General Conference is right around the corner, it hit me this morning that it’s just a few weeks away and I had the thought, what am I doing now to get the most out of General Conference? I wanted to keep this simple because adding something else to my plate felt overwhelming.

 1. Write down your questions.

We all have questions, some are big and some are small. It doesn’t matter the size, write them down. God answers our questions. In the Bible we are told time and time again that if we “ask we will receive” so ask your questions. Sometimes I go into GC with one question and sometimes I have a lot more than one. It doesn’t matter how many questions you have, write them down and you’ll know what answers you’re looking for when you watch/listen to conference this year.

 2. Take notes.

When conference comes around, take notes. Listen to find answers to your questions. Know that answers will come, and be ready to write down the promptings you receive. Your notes can be messy. You don’t have to quote everything exactly, it’s okay if you don’t. Just write your feelings and promptings down.

 3. Pray for the speakers and pray for yourself.

I got this idea from Al Carraway who wrote about General Conference a few years ago. She talked about how we should start praying now for the speakers of GC and how we should also start praying about our questions. Prayer is real. God has answered so many of my prayers, I know He’ll answer yours and mine in this upcoming conference. Praying is our way of communicating with God, so start praying today for the speakers and about your questions.

 4. Listen to old General Conference talks.

Starting today I’m going to be listening to talks given at the GC in April. In April I had a 2-month-old baby and I was so tired from all of the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. I haven’t listened to any of the talks since then, but I’m going to start today to help get me more spiritually ready for the October Conference.

 5. Keep your weekend simple.

I’ve been trying to simplify my whole life, but I really want to keep the weekend of General Conference simple. I’m already planning to do a quick grocery pick up before Conference starts and I’ll plan dinners that are simple but yummy. I want my focus to be on the Prophet and the Apostles, and simplifying everything we do that weekend will really help.

 6. Just do what you can.

You don’t have to be the perfect note taker, and maybe you won’t know what questions you have until the middle of conference. That’s okay. Show yourself grace and do the best you can. I honestly don’t know how much note taking is going to happen with a 7-month-old who might be crawling around during conference or she might sleep, I have no idea. But I’m just going to do the best I can. I am going to show up and listen and that’s really what is most important.

 7. Remember that when the weekend is over, your learning isn’t!

I haven’t been so good at this the past six months, but it’s something I hope to do differently this time around. As soon as GC is over, the talks are already online at That makes it so easy to read or listen to them again and again. My goal this time is that as soon as General Conference is over, I’m going to start listening to a talk a day in the mornings before I do anything else (TV, social media) or I’ll read a talk. I don’t know if I’ll listen in the order they were given, or if I’ll start with the talks that touched me the most/answered some of my questions. Either way I plan to continue to learn from the Lord after conference is over.

General Conference weekends have always been my favorite weekends of the year. They are full of the Spirit, answers, and I love that we get to hear from the Prophet of God right from our own homes. God is real. He answers our prayers. He knows what we are seeking for, and He knows often before we do. God will answer our prayers during this upcoming conference. If you’ve been struggling with your faith or with difficult questions, I promise that if you show up you will be lifted and guided. I know that as we take the time to prepare, then to listen, then to continue to learn we will be blessed with God’s love and His guidance.

My last thought for today is to share what you learn during conference on social media. Not just during General Conference, but after too. Sharing the Gospel online is a great way to share your testimony and to bring more light to the world. Let’s share the gospel all year, not just during conference.

General Conference will be held October 6-7, you can watch it live on

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  1. Ashley Ziegler says:

    These are great suggestions Tay! 🙂

    1. Taylor says:

      Thank you! These are things that I always try to do and I thought I would share them!

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