Things I Loved in October + Monthly Wrap Up!

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Hi friends! I want to start a new series here on The Faith Project where I share all the things I loved during the past month. These could include books, blogs, podcasts, tv shows, movies, people on Instagram and really just anything I’m LOVING that month! I’m really excited to share some of my favorite things with you because I’m always interested in seeing what other people like, listen to, or read. So, let’s get started with October.

All the blogs I’m loving.

As a blogger, I also really to read other blogs. Go figure. But seriously, I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and honestly, taking the time to read and comment on other blogs means a lot to me and to those other bloggers. These are some blog posts that I’ve loved this month:

  • Coming Up Roses – Erica talks about fashion and blogging and so much more. I love reading her posts. October held a lot of surprises for her as she had her baby several weeks early, but both her and the baby are okay!
  • The Daily Tay – She’s funny and her posts will always leave you smiling!
  • Simply Every – I really loved this post about Motherhood that I found on Pinterest.

TV + Movies

September brought the end of Bachelor in Paradise and after that, I was mostly just rewatching The Office and making my way through Criminal Minds on Netflix (I really watch a random assortment of shows.) But, the end of September (and now October!!!) Brought new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (which I discovered after Von was born and I’m low-key obsessed with all the drama) and This Is Us. Yes, let’s just pick all the tv shows that make us cry Taylor, great choice. But really, I am LOVING these new seasons and if you don’t have Hulu or cable you should get something so you can watch these because I am living for them.

All the Books

finally got out of my reading slump and I finished several really fantastic books this month.

City of Ghosts by V.E. Schwab is a middle-grade novel about Cassidy who had a near-death experience and can now see ghosts. Her parents are moving her to the most haunted city in the world for a few weeks to film a ghost hunting show and well you can guess what happens when they get there. Victoria/V.E. Schwab is one of my favorite authors. And City of Ghosts was also a winner for me. I don’t read many Middle-Grade books, but this one was fantastic. Plus, if you’re looking for a good Halloween/spooky read for the fall this one. is. a. must.

Circe by Madeline Miller. This one took me a while to get through butWOWZA! So incredible. I haven’t read many Greek mythology books but this one was fantastic. Definitely worth the hype and this one is also one that you should pick up. (Also, I just have to say that I had to buy the UK cover edition from Book Depository because it’s absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE it more than the US cover. Yes… I definitely buy all the books with pretty covers.)

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Oh my goodness! This book was great! Hal talks about the six things that you can do right when you wake up that will help you change your life. And help you be excited about waking up every morning! I just started practicing the miracle morning (in a way that fits in this season with an 8-month-old baby) but I am loving it. I no longer dread waking up in the morning, and even on my hard anxiety days, I am still able to get out of bed.

All things FALL

It’s finally fall!! My absolute favorite season. Bring out all the sweaters, comfy blankets, and all the homemade soup. I really do just love this time of year. Plus, we got to spend a week with my family in the mountains up at the Snowbird resort and it was absolutely lovely. I love going up there and spending time with family and seeing all the gorgeous colors. LOVE IT! Plus that was probably the last time we’ll be in Utah in 2018 which is a bummer but it was also so good to be there. We also took some family photos and well, I love this little family of mine!

And to be completely honest I do sort of feel like Colorado goes from summer to winter without a whole lot of fall weather, but hey, the little glimpses of fall were/are still really great!

On Social Media

I’ve been trying to be more active on Facebook, so if you don’t like The Faith Project Blog page on FB yet, be sure to go and give it a like and a follow! Instagram is still my one true love when it comes to social media and I’ve been *trying* to be on IG stories every day, whether or not I’m posting a picture or not. Again, if you aren’t following yet, come say hi! I’d love to connect with you.

I’ve really tried to make IG and all of my social media places where I can go to be inspired and uplifted and this month I’ve been loving Elise from @huntersofhappiness and Erica from @ericaligenza (especially her stories, they are the best!) and I’ve really been enjoying Courtney from @courtneycasper.letters stories (and products!) I cannot wait to dive into her Advent study guide!

Photo from Courtney’s Instagram account. But isn’t this study beautiful!?

Family life

Von is officially 8 (almost 9) months old and crawling all over the place. She also really really wants to be walking and tries to stand up all the time. We’ll see when that happens. We’ve been reading lots of board books:

My Simplified Planner came! (You can get $10 off yours if you are interested. This isn’t sponsored at all, I just love the product) and I’ve been working through the Simplified Prep work and planning all the things for 2019. Good things are coming and I can’t wait to share them with you!

And the last thing I want to mention is my favorite talks from General Conference. GC was at the beginning of October and it was uplifting and inspiring. I received a lot of personal revelation and I’m already loving reading and listening to the talks again. But a few of the ones that I really loved were these:

  • Russell M. Nelson’s talk in the Women’s Session. He invited us to all take a 10 day fast from social media and to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year (among a few other things). It was a great talk and I wrote a post about it here.
  • It was also announced that starting in 2019 church meeting on Sunday’s will be 2 hours long and there will be more emphasis on in-home learning and personal conversion that is strengthened in the church meetings. While this is slightly intimidating as a mom it is also a really exciting time. I am excited to make our home a more spiritual and Christ-centered place.

And ICYMI these are the most popular blog posts this month:

How to Improve your scripture study
Women Shape the Future

October was an incredible month! I’m excited for November and NaNo! What was your favorite part of October?

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  1. Girl, I’m totally obsessed with this post, so many incredible finds! I’m also loving the new episodes of Greys! I’m OBSESSED with thedailytay too, shes so hysterical! I’m eyeing the Simplified Planner, and haven’t ever had one….why do you prefer it over every other planner?!

    1. Taylor says:

      Thanks! I feel like I found a bunch of things that I LOVED this month. @thedailytay is hilarious! I love watching her stories on Instagram every day, and her blog posts are always entertaining! I haven’t used the Simplified Planner before either but I’ve been thinking about it for years. This year I decided to go with the daily edition because I love all of the open space and the room to plan my day and the to-do list on each day. I also love the Simplified prep work at the beginning of each planner. Before the new year you can go through and write out things that worked last year and what didn’t, routines you want to create and so much more. The quality is better than any other planner I’ve used before (I’ve used The Happy Planner and Erin Condren) but even though I haven’t fully used my Simplified Planner, I’m loving it already! If you like planners I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

  2. Stephanie Eddy says:

    I am completely on the same page as you with tv shows! I LOVE Greys and This is Us – all about the crying shows too!

    1. Taylor says:

      Yes!! I love them even though they break my heart!

  3. Annaliese says:

    I read Erica’s blog as well and I couldn’t believe her daughter’s birth story! And such beautiful family photos of y’all 🙂

    xoxo A

    1. Taylor says:

      Same! I was so surprised when her baby came early and that crazy birth story! But I’m glad they are both doing okay. Thank you so much!

  4. Joleen Pete says:

    I love fall too! We have a lot of similar interests and likes. I can’t wait to check out your book recommendations!

    1. Taylor says:

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy them!

  5. Your planner is so pretty! 🙂

    1. Taylor says:

      Thank you! I think so too, I can’t wait to use it!

  6. Cristina says:

    I finished the first (and only) season of Bodyguard in one day. It was so good and intense. I think it should be available on Netflix in US as well. It’s my favourite TV show of the month

    1. Taylor says:

      Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep my eye out for it on Netflix!

  7. amandahrosson says:

    October has been my favorite month this year! Pretty much all my closest friends (and myself) are October babies so it was really fun to celebrate everyone throughout the month <3 Thank you for introducing me to @CourtneyCasper.Letters – I'm now obsessed! I also want to check out the Simplified Planner – it looks and sounds great and I'm always on the hunt for a new planner.

    1. Taylor says:

      I loved October this year too! Such a great month, and it’s so fun to celebrate birthday’s all together! I love the study guides and Sabbath journal that I got from @CournteyCasper.Letters! They have already been a great tool, and the Simplified planner is amazing, definitely, my favorite planner that I’ve ever used and I haven’t even used it in the day to day yet!

  8. Loving all the great finds you have here! Now to go back through and follow a lot of those instagrammers!

    1. Taylor says:

      Yay! Glad I could help you find some new people to follow!

  9. I’ll admit, I was totally sucked into the Halloween movies this month like Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas. Those photos at Snowbird are gorgeous!

    1. Taylor says:

      I didn’t end up watching any Halloween movies! But I do love Nightmare Before Christmas!

  10. Sounds like you had a great month! I love Criminal Minds, Grey’s, This is Us, and Bachelor in Paradise – not a weird assortment of shows at all! I’ll definitely be checking out Circle. My graduate thesis centered around mythology, so it sounds like a very interesting read.

    1. Taylor says:

      Haha I always feel like I watch a random assortment of shows but they probably aren’t all that random! It was a great read! I highly recommend it!

  11. Lovvvved your list. so many goodies! I’ve been on a Criminal Minds binge too.. Now i’m ready for Hallmark Christmas movies!

    1. Taylor says:

      OOo I cannot wait for all the Hallmark movies!

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