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A Thankful Heart

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Starting today, every Sunday I will be sharing a faith-centered blog post for The Faith Project. I’ll explain a little bit more about it next Sunday, but I felt like I should talk about this topic today as Thanksgiving is on Thursday.

What does it mean to have a thankful heart?

Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is days away or maybe my heart is just changing, but I have been thinking about gratitude a lot recently. I even wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how you can cultivate gratitude that lasts all year long. As I’ve been thinking about what to share on my blog, the idea of ‘a thankful heart’ came to my mind, but what did that mean?

To me, having a thankful heart means turning to God and praising Him regardless of what we are experienced. Having a thankful heart also means that we not only express gratitude for the things we have in our lives but we also express gratitude for our circumstances, trials and our lives. When we turn to God and thank Him for all of our blessings and seek to serve Him, He blesses us even more. He wants us to give thanks to Him and express gratitude always. And we can do that by having a thankful heart.

Scripture accounts of thanksgiving

There are many instances in the scriptures where we can learn how we can be thankful. One of my favorite stories of thanksgiving is that of the 10 lepers in Luke 17: 11-19. Christ heals 10 lepers, but only one returns to express his gratitude. This made me ask the question, how often am I blessed or healed or given answers and I just keep on walking, instead of saying thank you? If I answer that question honestly, I don’t express gratitude and thanks as often as I’d like. But it is something I am working to cultivate in my life.

Questions to ponder this week

How can I have a thankful heart?
Why is it important for me to cultivate gratitude?
What is one thing I can do daily to practice gratitude?

Taking the time to ask questions and ponder will help us be taught by the Lord.

Other thoughts and resources about having a thankful heart:

“How blessed we are if we recognize God’s handiwork in the marvelous tapestry of life,” he said. “Gratitude to our Father in Heaven broadens our perception and clears our vision. It inspires humility and fosters empathy toward our fellowmen and all of God’s creation. Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christlike attributes!” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Read the full talk here: Grateful in Any Circumstance)

A Thankful Heart is the Remedy for a Sore Heart
The Thankful Heart
Remembrance and Gratitude

You can also find more resources about gratitude here.

The purpose of this post and the posts I will be sharing each Sunday is to help each of us dive deeper into the scriptures and to learn more about our Savior. My hope is that each week (and each day) we can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.

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