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After the Trial of Our Faith

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On Wednesday, as I was putting away the Christmas decorations I had the thought “wouldn’t it be kind of funny if I lost my ring in a Christmas box?” I didn’t think much about it and continued to put the decorations away. Several hours later as I was getting out of the shower, I realized that my ring was gone.


Had I taken it off before my shower or to do the dishes? Had it fallen off? Where could it be?


I was already anxious about going to the dentist earlier that day and this made me frantic. Even though it was after 10 I started looking for my ring. I accidentally woke Von up as checked her crib and in her jammies, as I held her and rocked her back to sleep I just cried and cried and cried. It was something so small but it came on a day that I was already feeling vulnerable and I just didn’t feel like I could handle any more. I was praying and my sister was praying and I went to bed feeling beaten.

We often don’t see miracles until after the trial of our faith.


When I woke up Thursday morning, I grabbed the Book of Mormon and headed to the bathroom (the only real place I could be alone) and I proceeded to read the last parts of Ether and then all of Moroni.


In these chapters, it talks again and again about faith and how we don’t see miracles or get answers until after the trial of our faith. I finished reading the Book of Mormon and I still felt overwhelmed by everything that had happened the day before and with life in general. I was also still sad that my ring was missing.


So I prayed.


I’ve always believed that God answers our prayers. But I’ve learned that rarely does He answer our prayers in the way that we want or expect. God does listen though and He does bless us, give us direction, send comfort and peace, and does so much more than that.


Once everyone was awake I pulled out the Christmas boxes. One of the boxes holds our glass nativity set so it’s full of shredded paper to protect the figures. I dug through that paper and prayed and prayed and then I saw something silver and I pulled out my ring.


My relief was instant.


But I hadn’t felt relief up until that point. Until I found my ring I felt afraid and sad and overwhelmed. And as I’ve been thinking about this experience, I keep thinking about it on a larger scale.


We all have trials and hard times in our life. I wrote a few weeks ago about how we can find strength in the Lord. But what do we do when the relief isn’t coming? What do we do when we feel like our world is falling apart?


I’ve felt this way a lot in my life. And I wish I could be better at holding on to my faith instead of wanting to throw in the towel (which is almost always my reaction when life gets hard.) I find this funny though because if I come across a hard thing at work or with my book I start working harder to find answers and get help. But when things get hard in my life, I just want to give up. IDK why I do this, and honestly, now that I’m more aware of it I’ll definitely be trying to react better. And it’s all because I lost my ring and what I learned from that.


God will answer our prayers.

He will. God loves us, we’re His children. You are His and He wants you to succeed and be happy and trust Him. We live in a fallen world. There are going to be hard days and weeks and months and years.



Relief will come.

Peace will come.

Joy will come.


All because we have a Savior. That is why God sent His Son. Not only so we could repent and be cleansed, but because we needed someone who would lift us up when we are at our lowest. We need the Savior, in every part of our lives.


Christ suffered and died for us so that we could one day return and live with Him and God in peace and joy.


Christ lived and died for us so that we would have someone to turn to, someone who knows exactly what we are going through and will be there to help us.


Answers may not come when we want, but they will always come.


We will see the miracles. We will get the answers we are seeking. But often, it is after the trial of our faith. We will have to struggle. We will need to have faith. Every day I am seeking to strengthen my faith and trust in the Savior. I want to have a firm foundation in Him so that when things get tough I can have a deeper trust in God and Jesus Christ.


What do you do during hard times? Have you had an experience where God taught you a big lesson?


I’m so thankful that I lost my ring. I’m so thankful that I turned to God and trusted in Him. And that even though I didn’t know if I would find my ring or not, I felt peace about either direction. And then when I did find my ring I said about a million thank you prayers throughout the day and since then.


God is good. God is our Father. We need to turn to Him, and as we do, He will continue to lead us, guide us, and bless us as we exercise our faith in Him.

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