2019 Reading Challenge

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Last year I made a reading challenge and then forgot about it by February (in my defense I did have a baby in February so I forgot about a lot of things other than her! But last week my sister asked if I would be creating a reading challenge for 2019 and I was like, yes!! Definitely yes! So, here we are.

Reading Challenge Prompts:

This year there will be 19 prompts for 19 books to read in 2019! You can also download a free checklist to refer to at home and keep track of what you are reading! I am really excited about this list and I’m excited to read all the books I can in 2019!

A book by an author you love.

A book published in 2019.

A self-help book.

A book you picked because of the cover.

A historical fiction

A book you love, read it again!

A book by a female author

A book that you own but haven’t read

A book that will make you cry

A poetry book

A book recommended by a friend (see my favorites from 2018 here if you want some suggestions!)

A romance

A Memoir

A Graphic Novel

An audiobook

A book you loved as a child

A classic

A mystery


It’s going to be a great reading year!

I’m excited for 2019! I’m hoping to branch out and read more genres that I haven’t before (because last year I discovered that I really love fantasy and I realized I might like other things too!) I also will be talking a lot more about books on my blog, simply because it is a passion of mine and I want to share good reads with you!

I hope you’ll join me in reading all these great books this year. I also have a Book Club Facebook Group (or you can search the Book Lovers Book Club) that you can join to read some books with us (they will help you read some of the books on this list!) And remember, you can read as many or as little books from this list as you want. I made this to help get you started in picking a book because I know that can be so hard!

I also have a January #bookstagramchallenge and I’d love to see your pictures! You can follow along at #bookishjan19! Happy Reading everyone!

2019 Reading Challenge

19 bookish prompts to help you discover new books to read in 2019.

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    I’ll be setting my Goodreads goal to 1 read because I don’t want to feel pressure to read. I’ve set number goals in the past and I always end up reading just to hit the number (near the end of the year) but I really want to just enjoy reading in 2019. I’ll read what I want to read and enjoy the books I’m reading!

    What books are you hoping to read in 2019?!

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    1. I’m totally following that hashtag! I’m reading An Anonymous Girl now and I’m anxiously waiting to read The Silent Patient.

      1. Taylor says:

        I need to use it more! And An Anonymous Girl is on my list!

    2. I completely forgot reading challenges like this existed, and now I’m kind of obsessed with them again! I know what books I want to read next, but once I start feeling at loss of what to read next, I’m definitely going to search for lists like this. They’re like a puzzle that you’ve got to find the missing pieces of! So fun.

      1. Taylor says:

        Yes! I love them too, they help me so much when I’m stuck with which book I should read.

    3. One of my goals in the new year is to read more books. I will 100% be using this list.

      1. Taylor says:

        Yay! I hope that you enjoy all the books you read in 2019!

    4. I definitely need in on this! With all this work and two little boys, I haven’t had much time to read! It is such a great way to unwind so I need to get back into the habit for my sanity. Thanks for sharing this!

      1. Taylor says:

        You’re welcome! I love reading and it helps me stay sane throughout the day with all of the responsibility of motherhood and everything in life! I hope you are able to read more books this year!

    5. I love this challenge! It’s been a while since I revisited a book I loved as a kid. I’m looking forward to doing that!

      1. Taylor says:

        I’m looking forward to that one too!

    6. I love reading mystery books. I want to be able to figure out who did it lol I can’t do any other books because I get bored quickly.

      1. Taylor says:

        I love mystery books for that reason! I have found that I also can read fantasy but I can get pretty bored with some general fiction unless I’m really invested in the story

    7. i have a couple on my wishlist. finding the time is another story

      1. Taylor says:

        That makes so much sense! Finding time can be hard!

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