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5 Ways to Improve Your Family Scriptures Study

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How is your family scripture study going?


Ours isn’t going as great as I’d like honestly. Since we got married in 2015, we’ve always struggled to get in the habit of reading scriptures as a couple. And we still struggle with it now as a family of three. At first, it was something that really bothered me, but then I just got used to it. Now that I’ve been making my own personal study a daily priority (as much as I can, I’m definitely not perfect,) I do want to try again with our family scripture study. I sometimes read the scriptures out loud to Von, but I know that we can be better at studying as a family.

I was super excited when the new Come, Follow Me curriculum was announced because even though it meant more responsibility for us at home, it also meant that there was a little more structure for family scripture study. This is something that we’re still working on, but I today I’m sharing 5 things that we’re doing and that you can do too to improve your families scripture study.


Put it on the calendar

Maybe this idea seems obvious to you, but scheduling time for scripture study helps so much! We’re still figuring out what day works best for us, either Sunday afternoon, Monday night, or maybe even another time. But having a set time helps because we know that that is when we’re going to study together.


Make it fun

I want to be better at loving the Bible, but I have really struggled in the past. Thankfully, I do understand the New Testament a lot more than the Old Testament. But it can still be hard to want to sit down and read them as a family. One thing that I’ve been loving is the Primary manual. Because we teach primary on Sunday it means we’re also reading those lessons. It’s the same scriptures that we’re already reading, but with activities and other ideas to help make learning about the scriptures fun. I definitely will be using the Primary manual as a resource when Von gets older.

Make scripture study fun by:

  • Acting out the scriptures
  • Coloring a scene from the scriptures
  • Watching a short bible video
  • Read the scriptures in a different accent


Make it Meaningful

I think we’ve struggled with scripture study together in the past because it can get a little boring when we just read some verses and call it good. But we’ve also had times where we read a verse or two and then have a really great discussion, and end up talking for a long time about what we think, feel, and know.


Obviously, I know that it’s not realistic for me to think that every time we sit down to study the scriptures it will be deep and profound. But I do think that if we stop to ask questions or share our thoughts after we study (or use the tools in the Come, Follow Me study guide) that we can make our study time more meaningful. And I know that when we’ve had meaningful studies, we’ve wanted to study more.


Have a treat

Food always makes everything better. Do I need more of an explanation? Haha, but really. I do think that having a treat or something fun makes scripture study more fun, especially when kids are involved. Obviously, Von is still pretty little and doesn’t really know everything that’s happening. But I remember having treats as a family when we had family home evening. But having treats makes everything a little better.


Keep Christ at the Center

Remember that we’re all trying our best and that we should show ourselves grace in all our efforts. Christ is there to make up for it when we fall short. When we try our best to study as a family, we will be blessed.

Plus, making Christ our center focus will help everyone remember why we’re studying the scriptures in the first place. It really is to learn of Him and strengthen our faith in Him. Taking time to think about and talk about the Savior daily as a family has been a goal of mine this year, it’s still a work in progress. But life is so much better when it’s centered on Christ.

What are some things that you’ve been doing to improve your family scripture study? I would love to hear more ideas of how we can make this a regular habit and part of our home!

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