Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis was the Book Lovers Book Club (my book club) pick for the month of January. I originally started reading GWYF back in November, but life got busy and it was put on hold for a few months. I originally had it checked out from the library, but after reading the first few chapters I was hooked. So I bought my own copy.


Up until I purchased my own copy of Girl, Wash Your Face, I’d heard only good things about it. This book is very hyped. And I’m always curious to know why books are hyped which is often why I pick them up. But, as soon as I had my own copy in my hand, I started seeing some reviews that weren’t quite so positive.

I always go into self-help/personal growth books with an open mind. So when I started Girl, Wash Your Face I did the same thing.


The reviews that I had seen talked a lot about how Rachel talks about being a Christain woman and then talks a lot about doing everything yourself in her book. (Like how you’re in charge of what happens in your life, and I actually agree with that. I do think that God gives us guidance but He also gave us the opportunity to make our own choices.) But I also saw a lot about how what she was saying wasn’t 100% great for everyone because most of us aren’t white, extremely successful females who have our own very successful businesses. I took these thoughts with a grain of salt and was determined to have my own opinion as I read Girl, Wash Your Face.


I am glad that I kept an open mind because overall I really did enjoy reading Girl, Wash Your Face. Rachel talks about the different lies that we tell ourselves as women and what we *can* do instead. I write it like that because she’s not telling us what we should do. She’s sharing her experience and inviting us to try what worked for her, or learn from her example and try things that we know will work better for us.


While I don’t agree with everything in Girl, Wash Your Face I enjoyed reading it. It was an easy read and I especially liked the chapter about the lie “I should be further along by now” because I have been feeling that way a lot recently. I loved how in every chapter Rachel debunked the lies that we often tell ourselves and how we can combat them.



I recommend reading this if you want a fun personal growth book! I gave it 3.5/5 stars.



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