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This Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick

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Are you a part of a book club? Or two? Or three? Haha. I only ask because I’ve got my own book club (join here, we’re reading Sky in the Deep in February!) and I’m now taking part in Janssen from Everyday Reading’s book club! I had a little bit of a late start, but just finished reading This Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick yesterday.


I decided to pick up This Is Where You Belong because I was loving everything that Janssen was talking about during the month of January. She’s got some great book recommendations that I’ve liked in the past so I knew that I wanted to pick this one up.


This is where you belong is all about loving where you live.


Throughout the book, the author, Melody, talks all about how she had just moved to a new city in Virginia and wanted to try and love her city more. She started a little experiment to do different things to connect with her new city and love it more.


I related to this book so much. Last year when we moved to Fort Collins, I felt a little out of sorts. Then we moved again to Lakewood 6 weeks after Von was born. I was overwhelmed with being in a new city and being a new mom (I wish I’d had this book a year ago!) But, it’s okay, because I’m ready to love Lakewood even more now!


Throughout This Is Where You Belong Melody shares so many examples of different people doing different things to love where they live. She has a list at the end of each chapter/section with ideas for things that you can do to start loving where you live even more.


I really loved learning about all these things. I mean, obviously, where you live is a huge part of your life, but up until now, I haven’t really thought much about it. We moved here because Griffin got a job in Denver and we couldn’t really afford to live directly in the city, we moved somewhere close. And I have struggled with feeling attached here, there are parts of me that long for Utah (or at least long for the feeling of home.) But as I was reading This Is Where You Belong I realized that I could feel those feelings again while we’re here.


I’m excited to start really loving where I live.


Reading This Is Where You Belong made me excited about where I live. It made me want to go to the farmer’s market once that that starts again when the weather’s warm. I also felt the pull to shop locally more, to walk around my apartment and see what shops and places I can get to without the car (again, this will have to wait until it gets warmer since it’s been a balmy 20 degrees this week.)


I love reading books like this because they inspire me to act. I’m ready to change how I view living in Lakewood and really get to know the town. I’m also looking forward to finding things to do with Von as she gets older! I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be a great year for me to really love where I live!


I highly recommend reading this book. Whether where you live is the place you’ve lived your entire life or if you are living someplace new. There’s something in This Is Where You Belong for everyone. And now I’m going to go watch some Gilmore Girls or Parks and Recreation because this book made me think about both of those shows.


If you plan on reading This Is Where You Belong let me know, I’d love to chat about it with you!


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  1. I always have this urge to move- move apartments, move cities, move states. I just love change and always think I’ll be happier somewhere else. So, I will definitely need to read this book! I love the principles in it that you showed. I’m in Utah now and I absolutely hate it. I want to move back to California as soon as we can. I’m definitely never going to live in Utah for more than mine and my husband’s college years, but I should learn to like it more while we’re here! There’s no point in being miserable about it haha. Thanks for sharing what you liked about this book! I’ll definitely have to check it out and also check out that book club you mentioned.

    1. Taylor says:

      I’ve always been more of a home-body (probably because I didn’t move more than a few blocks while growing up!) but now I want to explore more cities but they are always overwhelming to me. I’m excited to try the tips from this book so that I can feel more attached to wherever I’m at! I hope to end up in California someday, but we’ll see what happens!

  2. I feel ‘stuck’ in my town haha. I guess I need to read this!

    1. Taylor says:

      That’s how I was feeling too! This book gave me so many great ideas!

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