Snow Day + Other Late Night Thoughts

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Today we had blizzard warnings here in Colorado. Griffin worked from home and we watched the snow whirl around and fall and watched the wind blow and blow and blow. It was cozy to be inside and warm and spend the afternoon watching Elementary and reading books with Von. I’m grateful for days like today that help me slow down.

But I also realized something as I was glued to my phone, that sometimes, I’m missing what’s right in front of me.

And then, Instagram and Facebook went down. For hours and hours they didn’t work and several times I thought to myself, well, what if they really are down for good? What then?

I still have my family and I still have my blog. I still have ways that I can write and connect with people and it isn’t the end of the world. Often I wonder if I should get off social media, but then I always feel prompted to stay, to keep sharing goodness and God and so I’ll stay.

But tonight I’m feeling especially grateful for my blog and for you, whoever you are reading this post. I’m so grateful for you. And now I’m going to bed because even though it’s 9:30 I’m exhausted and well, I’ll write more tomorrow.

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