100 Days of Joy Project

I’ve been thinking a lot about Joy lately. The dictionary defines joy like this: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I really love that. Joy is more than simply being happy. I feel like we can all feel happy, but that joy is that underlying feeling, the realization that we can have a joyful life amid the mundane and even the hard moments in our lives.

God has promised us that we are meant to have joy in this life and in the life to come.

I’m really good at complaining and looking for the negative and the bad. Sometimes it just seems easier to dwell on the hard stuff instead of looking for the good. Because some days, it’s really hard to find something good. For the past year or so, my sister and I text each other each night to say one thing that we’re grateful for. Some days it’s easy for me to do, other days, not so much.

This is why I want to start looking for more joy and light and good.

I know that what we look for, we find. What we sow, we grow. The seeds we plant are what will grow in the future. And I want to see more goodness and joy. And I want to share the good things I’m seeing.

So, in an effort to find more joy in my own life and share it with people, I started a little project. The #100daysofjoyproject. You can follow along and join on Instagram! There aren’t really any rules, just start sharing the joyful things in your life and use the hashtag! I started last Wednesday, but I am planning to do this for 100 days. I wanted to see what good can come out of actively seeking the joy. I picked 100 days because a lot or a little can happen in that time.


I’m excited for this little project, and if you want regular updates, be sure to follow along on Instagram. I’ll also share things along the way here on my blog. But I’m excited for this, and I hope to make my little corner of the internet a little more joyful and full of light. (This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop talking about the hard stuff, I think we need to talk about the hard things in life, but I’m still going to be more focused on the good instead of always dwelling on the bad.)

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PS this is great for me today because Von woke up early and a car alarm was going off in our parking lot all night so today I really need to look for the good to improve the grumpy mood I woke up in!