Weddings, Willows, & Revised Expectations by V . Joy Palmer


This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here. Do you ever pick up a book, read it, and walk away enjoying it more than you expected to? It doesn’t happen to me often (because I often get caught up in book hype and hype up books, but when it does I’m always pleasantly surprised.As I started Weddings, Willows, & Revised Expectations, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew going in that it was a Christian romance, but beyond that, I didn’t know what to expect. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve read a Christian romance that I really enjoyed, but this one made me giddy, had me laughing, and left me feeling great at the end!

Some things that I loved:


I really loved Apryl. She really learns to love herself and love her life throughout the entire story and I loved watching her grow. I also loved the banter between her and Chance. Their relationship was so fun to watch through the book. I was rooting for them from the beginning, and naturally, just like in real life and in books, there were challenges and things that threatened to tear them apart. But, they overcame, and well… it is a romance novel so you can guess what happens ;)I also really enjoyed the creative aspect of this book, and that it wasn’t about writing. As a writer myself, it’s easy to write about characters who are passionate about books and writing because those are things that I’m passionate about. And while I do enjoy a good story about a writer, I also love reading about characters who have other passions. Apryl loves to create. First, it’s as a hair stylist, something she’s great at. But when her grandma ends up in the hospital, she and her twin sister head home to help out with their grandmother’s business. They realize quickly that things aren’t going as well as they would have hoped and they start up a wedding decorating business, which Apryl loves, but is also a little afraid to fully put herself in.The characters were fun, the story was fun! If you’re looking for a light, happy, and fun romance to read this spring/summer I highly recommend picking it up! This one will touch your heart and make you smile because that’s what it did for me. I gave Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations 4/5 stars.

About Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations

Seventeen years after being orphaned, Apryl Burns and her twin sister Courtney have their own expectations for life. While Courtney continues to shine at everything, Apryl holds fast to the mantra that as long as her potato chip stash remains intact, then she’ll be fine.But when their beloved grandmother ends up injured and unable to manage her struggling antique store, Courtney makes it their mission to revamp the business and save what’s left of their family’s legacy. Despite rampant doubts in her abilities, Apryl finds herself trapped under the weight of family loyalty as they transition to a wedding venue decorating service. Soon she’s forced to ask (translation: blackmail) their grandmother’s renter/handyman, Chance McFarland, for help, an arrangement that is made even worse by the fact that Chance is her former (ahem, and current) crush.Chance knows a few dozen things about family loyalty, which is why he begrudgingly agrees to Apryl’s insane plan. While Apryl claims they’re archenemies, the girl Chance only glimpsed in their teens starts to emerge, stealing what remains of his heart. But expectations are a powerful thing. Amidst the glamorous weddings and swaying willows, can those old expectations be revised into something new?


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