2020 Reading Challenge Prompts (+ book suggestions for each!)

One of my favorite posts each year is my reading challenge! This is something I’ve been doing for 3 years now and I love it so much!

Last year, I had 19 books to read in 2019. This time though, we’ve got 12 prompts.

I decided to only do 12 prompts this year because that feels more doable. And if you have the goal to read 1 book a month but aren’t sure where to start, now you have some ideas!

2020 Reading Challenge

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All book titles are clickable and will take you to the book on Goodreads. My favorite place to buy books is Book Depository.
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The 2020 Reading Challenge Prompts!

1) A Retelling of an old story. Books on my shelves that I could read for this Coral (little mermaid), Spinning Silver (Rumpelstiltskin), A Curse so Dark and Lonely (Beauty and the Beast), and Romanov (Anastasia).

2) Continue a series you haven’t finished yet. Hi, anyone else like me and starts several series but then never finish because you’ve been waiting too long for the next book? Or maybe you read the first book but never picked up the rest even though you wanted to? Series that I’m hoping to continue in 2020 is The Last Magician, Children of Blood and Bone, and A Time to Die.

3) A book with Less than 200 pages. Because sometimes you just want to read a short, good book! A few of my favorites include A Christmas Melody (cheesy, but fun), Milk & Honey, and the princess saves herself in this one.

4) A Self-help book. I love reading nonfiction/self-help books! These help me grow and when I apply them, I become a better person. For my book club (join here!) we’re currently reading Atomic Habits.

5) Re-read a favorite. Gretchen Rubin often says that there is so much joy in rereading, and I think that is so true. You can find the list of my all-time favorite books here, and I haven’t decided which books I’ll be rereading this year!

6) Read a classic. These are books that have stood the test of time. They are often a little harder for me to get into, but I almost always love them (well, depending on the ones I read). My sister has a goal of reading 12 classics this year, but I’m going to read at least one! Some that are on my list include Les Miserables, Little Women (currently reading), and a reread of Wuthering Heights.

7) A book you meant to read in 2019. You know the one you bought but still haven’t picked up yet (if this is you, you aren’t alone!) Or maybe you there was a book released in 2019 that you still haven’t picked up yet. I think for this I’m hoping to read We Hunt the Flame or Winterwood.

8) A book published in 2020. We’re in a new year and I’m pretty excited about the new books that I know about, I’m looking at you Imagine Me. I can’t wait to see what great books hit the shelves this year.

9) A book recommended by a friend. This can be any book recommended by anyone. That stranger on bookstagram? That totally counts! If you need a recommendation, you can find a bunch on my Instagram @bookish_tay

10) Listen to an audiobook. I lovelovelove audiobooks (I use Libro.fm as my audiobook platform!) and by listening to audiobooks, I’m able to finish so many more books! I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite audiobooks in February or March so stay tuned!

11) A book you own but haven’t read. Hello TBR shelf. I have 30+ books that I own but haven’t read yet, I am hoping to bring that number down this year though!

12) A graphic novel/comic book/manga. I had such a fun time reading Shade of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince and I can’t wait to continue on with this comic. I’ve also heard great things about Pumpkin Head.

Don’t forget to grab the tracking sheet for the 2020 Reading challenge here!

I am so excited to start reading great books this year! This reading challenge is here to help you pick up books you might not otherwise read and to give you suggestions when you fall into a reading slump! Be sure to use #bookishreads2020 if you participate in this challenge so I can see all the great things you’re reading!

Are you planning to participate? What prompt are you most excited for?


  1. Retelling of an old story! The House of Salt and Sorrows has been HIGHLY recommended.

    1. I just got that one from a friend, I cannot wait to pick it up!

  2. I love these prompts! I always have trouble with reading goals that are all about numbers, but it’s so much more interesting to try and read a variety of books. I love reading when I can, and I will have to try some of these for sure.

    1. I love prompts too! I set a lower number goal for myself this year, simply so I can focus on reading good books (however many that ends up being) instead of focusing on the number! These prompts help me read more of a variety!

  3. I love to read! So these prompts were so useful to me!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them!

  4. These are such awesome prompts. I’m already 3 books in after the first week of January, and I am currently reading 3 more. I have a massive list this year, and I really hope to crush it. Reading is something that’s so important to me. Followed you on Goodreads for more suggestions!

    1. That’s really awesome! I’ve read 3 books too and can’t wait to read more. I also love reading so much, and I’m so glad we’re friends over on Goodreads so we can both get good suggestions!

  5. i may have to get on this challenge. I really want to start reading more.

    1. You totally should! It’s a great way to pick new books to read this year

  6. These are such helpful prompts and definitely doable for anyone looking to start out. Self help books are my favorite too. I’m actually writing one!

    1. Yes! I wanted to make it easy whether you’re trying to get into reading again or an avid reader! I love self-help so much, that’s so cool that you’re writing one!

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