22nd of the Month Spot

The other day I was thinking about how often I see this view. How many times a day do I open our sliding glass door to let the dog out? To let Von out? I’ve never counted but I’m sure the answer is well about 20, maybe even above 30.

I thought briefly of how this view changes slightly, from day to day, month to month. Von will go out and play and move everything around. The plants and grass goes from tall and vibrant green to colorless as the cool months hit. But no matter what time of year, I love this spot.

It’s the first time I’ve had a yard in my adult life. We’ve got plants growing that I don’t know the names of, because I didn’t plant them. But it’s ours.

There’s something special about that.

Over the past month (almost) that I’ve been off of Instagram, I’ve been reading blogs and found a few people who take a photo of the same spot on the same day every single month. Some share on their blog, some on Instagram. After today I’ll be sharing my picture on Instagram, but since I’m not on it at the moment, I’m sharing here.

Welcome to the spot for the next year (or even beyond that. Maybe I’ll just pick a new spot when/if we move someday. But for now, this is my view and I wanna see the monthly changes that come.

I’m gonna take a picture from my back doorway on the 22nd every month. Why the 22nd? Because I’m starting this today.

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