3 Swaps I Made For #PlasticFreeJuly

Did you know that July is plastic free month?

I didn’t know that until last year when I stumbled upon Going Zero Waste’s blog and started to be a little more conscious about my own habits and the trash and waste me and my family put out. Have I been perfect in my journey? Not at all. But I recently made a goal to swap out 1 thing each month from plastic to something that is reusable and better for the earth.

So far I’ve switched to period underwear and a menstrual cup (which I LOVE because it changed my life) and wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.


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3 Swaps I made for #PlasticFreeJuly this year

I decided I was going to do 3 things this July because I was feeling a bit inspired so I just went for it!

1) Dropps

Several accounts I follow over on Insta shared about how they were going more organic in the way they did laundry. As I learned more about Dropps, I knew they were a company I wanted to get behind! I’m waiting for my first order to come in, but I love that this company uses materials that are better for us, and that there’s no plastic involved at all!

I’ll share a full review in a few months about how using Dropps is going and my full thoughts on the brand and product, but as of right now, I know I’m a fan.

2) Reusable Cotton Swabs (q-tip)

Every time I throw a q-tip into the trash I think about how it’s such a small thing and yet it can cause so much damage if it gets into the ocean. I read this post about 10 easy swaps to make and this was one that I knew I could do. I got a LastSwab because I knew it was a really small and simple change that I could make this month.


3) Shampoo Bar

I’ve been eyeing these for a while now, but have been too afraid to try them. I saw this shampoo bar at Target the other day for less than $5 and thought “why not?” I’ll share an update on how it goes, if I like it, etc over on Instagram stories in a couple of weeks, as of right now I’m excited for this swap and I’ve used it twice as so far I’M LOVING IT!


I know these changes seem so simple and they are. There are so many small things we can do today that will help our planet. I’ve been learning so much as I started this journey of being more self-aware and working towards zero waste. I’ve still got a long way to go, but for now, I’m focusing on the small steps I am taking.

Did you make a swap in July? What was it and how did it go? Or are you planning to make a swap now?


3 swaps I made for plastic free july

3 Swaps I made for plastic free july

  1. I switched to shampoo bars in February and I love it! I also have a conditioner bar but I don’t like that one as much because I don’t feel like I get as good a lather from it. I might try another brand though! It’s really nice to feel like I’m not using all that plastic for shampoo.

    1. That totally makes sense! I haven’t tried a conditioner bar yet, but it’s on my list of things to swap!

  2. These are great swaps! I am always looking for new ways to introduce more reusable and sustainable products into my daily routine. I never even considered a reusable q-tip, but I love it!

    1. Yes! I’ve been learning so much about different things that I can swap out that are so simple! I hadn’t thought of a reusable q-tip either, I’m so glad I discovered it!

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