40 Days of Writing the Every Day: Day 2

We did laundry yesterday.

My parents and sister came to town today and I even folded everything because I didn’t want it to leave the clean laundry in the basket all week long. Which happens more times than I’d like to admit.

But the clothes all got put away.

We went swimming today. Von laughed and laughed and loved kicking in the water. My dad would spin her around and she’d gleefully tell us “look guys, I’m surfing!” It was cold and wet and rainy and I’m so grateful for that indoor pool.

When we got home, my mom washed the towels. It’s something so simple, yet feels like home.

Laundry is mundane and repetitive and yet also makes me feel loved and cared for. And when I do it, it gives me an opportunity to give love and care for my family.

Didn’t Jesus teach us to “clothe the naked” does that not mean the people in our care first and foremost? A lot of the day to day tasks of being a homemaker are mundane. I don’t always love them. But maybe now I’ll remember my mom offering to wash the swimming towels and how it felt a little like love.

And maybe then I’ll be more willing, at least in my heart, as I do these day to day chores so that V and G can feel my love a little more.

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Image from Sarah Brown on Unsplash.

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