A Walk Down Memory Lane

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This week has been so so good. General Conference was last weekend and I felt so much comfort and hope for the future. Today we’re fasting as a church, world, and people of faith for relief from COVID-19. On Sunday we’ll celebrate the resurrection of the Savior.

It’s been nice all week and we sat outside and played so much. Soaking in all of the sun, watching Von play, and reading books. It almost felt like everything was normal like we were in our own little bubble for a while. I’m glad I haven’t been as consumed with anxiety about the pandemic like I was originally. Things still make me anxious, but overall I’m feeling calm and good.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the scriptures and in my Write the Word journal. I’ve also been praying a lot more and letting a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter go. I’m focusing on my family and my health and God and it’s been great to slow down. I feel like I’m finally putting a lot of the practices from When Less Becomes More into action.

Also this week, there’s been a tag on Instagram stories floating around to share the first photo of you and your significant other together. So I went down memory lane.


I found this photo from our mission. This was taken in July 2013, right after the Irvine mission was created and we were moved from the Carlsbad mission. I’m on the second row on the right, and Griffin is in the back closer to the left.

I can’t remember now if we knew each other at this point. He’d just been transferred into my zone but I may not have met him yet. I honestly have no idea, it was right around this time though.

We did take another photo at some point because I remember taking it since one of us was holding a dinosaur, but Griffin must have that on his camera because I can’t find it. But that photo is technically the first one of just the two of us. I’ll find it someday.



These photos were taken the day before I went home from my mission and are the first ones I have of us together.

At this point we were friends, we had a plan to email each other so I could tell Griffin (then Elder Epperson) how the real world was after the mission. We had no clue what was in store for us in the coming months and years.

Once I was home and we started writing, we realized pretty quickly that we wanted to get to know each other better, and eventually date, and by the time he was coming home, we knew we were going to get married.

I’ve been going through my old blog recently and even though I don’t write on there anymore, part of me wishes those posts were on this blog… so maybe I’ll be moving some of the best ones over here (like this one, maybe it’s not the best post, but it’s part of our story). Somedays I miss that blog, I miss that time. How much simpler it felt. We were young and falling in love, and I love our love story.

Maybe I’ve been thinking more about it as we approach 5 years of marriage. This seemed so far away back then, and now I feel like I’ve blinked and here we are.

I feel like I’m still trying to figure out my life. Who I want to be as a person, as a blogger, as a wife and mom. But through it all, I’m turning to God and He is guiding me.


This is our life now. Me walking into Von’s room with her snuggled up against Griffin’s chest. This was yesterday. She hasn’t been sleeping well and one of us often ends up on the queen bed in her room with her every night. We’re working on getting a better sleep schedule, but for now, I love the extra snuggles, even if I don’t love the midnight wakings.

Just like last week, today I’m feeling hopeful for the future. There are a lot of uncertain things, but there were a lot of uncertain things before the pandemic started. For me, it’s helped me shift my perspective to really see the things that matter most in my life.


I also shared these words on my private Instagram, but wanted to share them in this post too: I want to remember this crazy time. The time when the world seemed to stop, where Disney closed and so did everything else. I want to remember that people had to wear masks and that we all stayed home. I also want to remember that in this time, we slowed down too. We spend more time outside playing and walking as a family. We spend time learning the gospel together as we have home church. I want to remember that I grew my faith and really started to pay attention to the people and moments and things that matter most. I want to remember that Von decided that now would be a good time to not sleep well, so there was lots of snuggles. And that there was lots of laughs and smiles even though times were crazy. I want to remember the good.


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