An Unpaid Review of BetterHelp

Have you ever had one of those moments (or weeks or months) where you just felt like you were drowning, like you couldn’t catch your breath?

That was me almost all of February. When I was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety back in 2016, I still didn’t really understand how my life was changing. Sure, back then I could barely leave my house most days for work or school and things were bad, but I always assumed that as I went to therapy and worked at it, my mental health would get ‘better’.

And I did. I mean, sort of. I learned new coping skills and I was able to work a full-time job with a big company. Then we moved when I was 8 months pregnant to a brand new state full of people I didn’t know and away from my family.

I’m sharing all of this because my mental well-being has come in waves. There are seasons when I’m doing well, and others that remind me of the first time I had a panic attack.

This past February though was one of the hardest times I’ve had in several years.

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In a last-ditch effort to save myself from my swirling anxiety thoughts, I started journaling again. And it helped, big time, but it wasn’t enough.

I knew that I needed professional help.

We were stuck though, waiting for Griffin to be offered a full-time position with benefits instead of just a contracted worker. I didn’t want to find a therapist that I fell in love with, only to have to find another in a few weeks because my insurance changed.

I was listening to the Office Ladies podcast one afternoon and they started talking about BetterHelp in one of their ads. I’d actually heard of BetterHelp before (I’d even taken their preliminary quiz and been matched with a therapist) but I hadn’t started.

That night I paid the monthly fee and messaged my new therapist, sharing everything that was going on and what I was feeling. Now we have a video chat once a week and it’s been helping so much.

There’s no shame in getting help. In fact, if you need it, you should get it. I’m a big advocate of therapy and I’m so glad that I started therapy before the pandemic shut down the world (she has helped me work through so much.)

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What I like about BetterHelp

As I said in the title of this post, this review is completely unsponsored + unpaid. I wanted to share my honest thoughts about BetterHelp because it’s been something that has helped me so much.

  • I love that I can message, call, or video chat with my therapist. We have a video chat once a week and that’s amazing. I also love that I can send her a message at any time. She always responds within 24 hours so I can work through whatever’s happening right then (or that day) instead of waiting for my next session.

  • It’s affordable + you don’t need insurance. There are a few different plans (weekly, monthly, quarterly. I pay $39/week (billed monthly). It’s about $150 a month which, I get often feels like a lot of money. But I was more than happy to give up on some extras during the month so that I could get the help I needed. This is about what I was paying for therapy (after Insurance paid some) when I was going to therapy before.

  • They match you with a therapist and if it’s not working, you can switch at any time.

  • I’m getting help from a professional. All the therapists on BetterHelp are professional therapists or psychologists.

  • It’s easy to use. They have a website and an app. I don’t have to go anywhere and I can be instantly in contact with my therapist when I need it.

Get one week of BetterHelp FREE!

All in all, I’ve really been enjoying BetterHelp and I’m grateful I’m getting the help I need to cope and deal with my anxiety in better and healthier ways.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety or depression, I definitely recommend looking into BetterHelp. I know that it won’t be for everyone, and I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but BetterHelp is a service that has helped me and my mental health immensely.

Have you ever tried virtual therapy? What did you enjoy about it? Would you ever try it if you haven’t yet?

  1. I miss therapy like crazy. I went to a wonderful therapist when I was 19/20 and then made some horrible life decisions, decided I was better off without him, and dropped my appointments. Then things changed so much that I couldn’t start seeing him again, and now at 26 I don’t even have health insurance, let alone the money to see anyone if I did! I wish I even had the funds for BetterHelp, because it truly sounds so beneficial. Maybe one day I’ll be in a more financially stable place to do so. It’s awesome that you’ve had such a positive experience!

    1. I love having a good therapist!! I was without insurance for a while and it’s so tough!! I hope that you can see a therapist again soon 🙂

  2. Betterhelp sounds like a great program to be using! It makes getting in touch with a therapist super convenient!

    1. Yes! It’s super easy and convenient!

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