Beauty in Ordinary Things

A few weeks ago, after a particularly bad few days I got an Amazon package that I didn’t order. I opened it up to find The Office DVD set and some shower bombs (like a bath bomb) and G said “the other day it seemed like you needed some self-care”

Cue all the heart eyes.

And a bunch of nostalgia.

The first few months that we were married, we watched The Office together. It was my first time ever seeing the show and now every time I hear the theme song, my mind goes back to our little apartment on the second floor of an old house in Provo. With the green carpet and lovely wallpaper in the kitchen and oh so many memories.

I’d started a re-watch of The Office before it was taken off of Netflix, but tonight I started watching it again and all those same feelings came back.

I went back into the archives of my old blog (private now, sorry friends) but this is what I wrote when we’d finished watching the series:

“Also, this weekend we finished watching The Office on Netflix.
nine seasons of Michael and Pam and Jim and Dwight.
of funny moments and sometimes humor I didn’t appreciate.

but I loved the story.
I love that it taught about friendship and love
and being true to yourself, even when that is hard.
it taught me about taking risks
about learning from your mistakes 
and going after your dreams

because we only live once.
time goes by so fast.
do what you want with life.

people judge.
but it is your life.
make it beautiful.
make it wonderful.
make it everything that you want it to be
we will have trials and bumps in the road.
but we do get to choose our own path.
and it took 9 seasons of The Office to remind me that.
and yes, I did cry during the last episode.
i just couldn’t believe it was over.
but I’m grateful my life is still going.
and that I have a chance every day to be who I want.”

Those words just felt applicable today because I’m forging a different path with self-publishing. I want to start blogging more like I used to. I also am doing better at actually being present and seeing the beauty in ordinary things.

My favorite quote from The Office is at the end when Pam says “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kind of the point?” And I just… I want to see the beauty in the ordinary things again, like I used to be so good at. At some point I fell into a trap that everything had to be grand or Pinterest perfect but life is messy and very, very ordinary and I kind of really love that.

So, if you need me, I’ll be watching and episode or two of The Office every night until I finish it again.

love, tay

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