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Hi Friends! Happy Sunday.

Earlier today my sister sent me a Snapchat saying that she wanted to start studying the talks from General Conference that took place a few weeks ago. I asked her if I could join and then decided to make a schedule so I could pace myself + be able to really study all of the talks given before our next conference in April.

As I was thinking about studying and then as I listened to this talk, The Message, the meaning, and the Multitude, I was reminded of the impression I had during General Conference that I wanted to talk about today.

I want to live a Christ-centered life.

As Christians, don’t we all?

I want Him to be at the center of all that I do but for the past several years, He’s been in my life but not at the center of it.

When I originally started this blog a year ago I wanted it to be 100% faith-related and share things that would help other women and myself grow in our faith. I became quickly overwhelmed though, what content did I share? What should I be talking about? It was all a little too much and this quickly became more of a lifestyle blog where I talked about faith occasionally instead of solely a faith blog.

But that’s okay. The ideas and thoughts still grew in my heart.

If I was struggling as a new mom, as a woman, as a wife, to really dig deep into the scriptures and the words of the modern prophets, I couldn’t be the only one, right?

I wanted to create a space where I could join with women like me and we could grow our faith together, in simple ways.

I didn’t want to make my gospel study hard or something that felt like just another thing on my crazy to-do list. I wanted it to be meaningful, but do-able.

I said to myself “I can study for 10 minutes a day.” Which is exactly where I started. I grabbed my Come, Follow Me manual, my scriptures, and a half-empty notebook and started studying. When my 10 minutes were up I was free to continue if I wanted (and sometimes I did) or I could stop (which I also did) but day by day, little by little I was beginning to see my faith grow.

I created a group on Facebook and invited some friends to join and I posted a few times but again, felt completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to run a Facebook group. I didn’t know how to lead women to strengthen our faith when I felt like I was only barely above floundering myself.

So I started to pray. Please, God. I love You. I love Thy word. I want to grow my faith, and I want to help women do the same.

I kept showing up to read the scriptures. I wasn’t perfect, I still miss a lot of days, but my faith kept growing, but I felt like God wasn’t giving me any direction.

General Conference came around the first weekend in October and again, I was praying and wondering what I could do, how I could make this vision in my head come to life.

I didn’t want to do it for me. I wanted to do it for you. To find ways that can help all of us grow closer to God and to build a Christ-centered life.

I felt a prompting and decided to follow it.

I was driving in my car before the Women’s session and I was praying, asking God what I should call this endeavor. I remembered the story in the Book of Mormon in Alma when Moroni is leading 1000 young men into battle. These young men have such great faith even though they are going into war and have never fought before. When Moroni asks where their faith came from they told him that they “did not doubt because our mothers knew it.

I LOVE this story. But I also knew that I wanted to encourage all women, mothers included, but also women who aren’t mothers. And almost immediately after I had that thought these words came to my mind “call it And She Knew It.”

And She Knew It is a community of women who want to strengthen their faith in Christ through gospel study.

Together we’ll study the gospel as we read and ponder on scriptures and conference talks.

Starting tomorrow we’ll be reading 1-2 conference talks each week and talking about them over on Instagram. I’ll probably also share a lot of my own thoughts here on my blog as well.

I’d love for you to join me and my sister as we study the teachings of modern prophets together. You can grab a copy of our study schedule below.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts, promptings, and impressions about things that will come in the future, but we needed a place to start and this is it.

I want to build a Christ-centered life. I want my daughter Von to know that I know of Christ and that I know Him. I’m doing this for me, I’m doing this for her, and I hope you’ll join me.

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