Building A Simplified Life

Right now my to do list feels like a mile long, and I hate that feeling. 

The feeling of overwhelm that creeps in when I realize I’ve said yes to too many things for this season of life.  

I want simple. I want abundant. I want rhythm and routine. I want some sort of order, because my physical reality reflects my mental reality and right now it’s all just screaming mess and overwhelmed and clutter  I want to change that though and build a simpler life. 

I read this blog post today, and this part really stuck out to me: 

” Simple does not equal small. Simple does not equal mundane. Simple does not equal boring. Simple does not equal SETTLING.

Simple is rich and beautiful. Simple is easy. Simple is refreshing.

A simplified life has an ease about it, even when life throws curveballs. A simplified life is one lived with intention, purpose, and love. A simplified life is rooted in routine, rhythm, and tradition. A simplified life has a cadence about it that is both soothing and foundational. A simplified life provides a sturdy foundation upon which ambition, creativity, and adventure are built.“ 

I want that life and I’m ready to create it. 

Building (and having) a Simplified life is something I can’t stop thinking about, and right now I’m taking the steps to build a Simplified life.  

Over the next few weeks (and months) I’ll be changing things and creating habits. Some of that will include: 

  • simplifying our stuff

  • figuring out a better meal planning system

  • coming up with a (flexible) routine/schedule for our days

  • taking a step back from social media to figure out where I really want to be online

  • spending more time in the quiet, unrushed moments instead of running from one thing to the next

  • focusing on building simple health habits for me and my family

  • saying yes to the right things and saying no to everything else.

I’m ready to calm my soul and my life. I’m ready to talk about living a simple life, instead of a rushed and busy one. I’m ready to build a Simplified life that works for our family.  




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