A Day At the Denver Zoo

Last Friday we had a family trip to the Denver Zoo with Griffin’s parents and his brother who was in town. We had a great time and Von LOVED the zoo.


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This is technically Von’s second trip to the zoo. We went last year when we were visiting Utah, but she was only about 8 months old and wasn’t super interested in any of the animals. But she loved it this time! I also loved that we had some cloud cover so it wasn’t as hot as it could have been. I think Von’s favorite animals were the Giraffes and the Turtles (which made me happy because I’m a huge fan of turtles).

I was glad that Griffin took the day off so we could hang out with his brother while he was here for the weekend, and it’s always fun to see his parents, who live about an hour away.

I was a little nervous because I was on my period. But I had my Saalt cup in (which I’ll be sharing more about tomorrow) and I didn’t have to worry at all. I didn’t have any leaks and I didn’t have to worry about changing a pad or tampon every couple of hours. Instead I was able to focus on having fun with family, laughing as Von really hated the merry-go-round, and enjoying some Dip ‘N Dots (that Von also didn’t like.)

Have you been to a zoo this summer? I think it’s more fun to go when you’ve got little kids, and it made me excited to take Von to Disneyland, which is a trip that will hopefully happen in the next few years.


This Stage of Life

I know a lot of moms love the newborn stage and say it was/is their favorite.  

I’m happy for those people, but I wasn’t one of them. 

I was so exhausted (and I really really don’t do well on that little sleep), my boobs hurt, I was sore from pushing out a baby. And while I did love smelling her newborn smell and having snuggles 24/7, it wasn’t my favorite stage.  

I’m really loving this stage. Everyday Von is learning new words and new things. She loves to have dance parties and snuggle in the morning. Her favorite thing in the morning is to go to the fridge, try to open it, and ask for chocolate 😂 girl, I got you. Just after we we breakfast.  

I love how she smiles at me, hugs me, and gives me random kisses. I love that she falls asleep in my arms for most naps and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

We read books and dance and laugh a lot. We also both cry sometimes.  

Today we played with this little dog we have. I would chase her with it and say “woof woof woof” and then she would say “woof woof woof” as she ran away laughing.  

I really struggled in the beginning of being a mom.  

Now I'm trying to enjoy this stage that we’re in and that’s my goal for every next stage of life.  

There are hard and beautiful parts of every stage, and I want to be better at seeing more of the good.