Currently – 12.18.20

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Happy Friday friends! I haven’t been super active online the past little while, simply because my mental health hasn’t been all that great. But today I’m doing well and feeling hopeful. Christmas is in a week, I get to spend some time with family (safely!), and people are starting to get the vaccine! So yay!

Even though I haven’t written a currently post all that recently, I can’t really think of what to say today, so this intro will be short. I’ll share a few things I’ve been reading and loving lately, and as always, I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading and loving this week!

Currently Reading

This week I read The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes which I LOVED! I’ll be sharing my full review tomorrow, but it was so awesome! I also recently finished reading Faking Under the Mistletoe and In a Holidaze which were both so fun and perfect for the holiday season!

Currently Watching

I’ve been watching all the Christmas movies that we all know and love! This weekend I’m hoping to watch While You Were Sleeping, Snow Day, and Elf!

I also am in the mood to try something new, so what shows have you been watching lately??? I’m in the mood for crime dramas or something funny (not necessarily together, but ya know, those are my too moods lately). Any suggestions?!

Currently Listening

evermore evermore evermore evermore evermore evermore evermore evermore and then folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore folklore

it’s fine. i’m fine. and my heart is breaking (even though I’m in a healthy + happy relationship) Taylor Swift knows how to make you feel all the feelings.

And I’m listening to some Christmas music too!

Currently Loving

The annual goal-setting series hosted by Lara Casey. This blog series is always so fun and so inspiring! I’ve been using my Powersheets to prep for 2021. I think it’s gonna be a slower year in terms of all that I try to do, but I’ll share more about my goals in a few weeks!

2021 Year of Awesome Calendar. There is currently a waitlist for these, but I love mine and can’t wait to use it in 2021! It’s big, with lots of space to write + weekly motivation.

That’s everything this week! What have you been loving this week?!

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    1. I still love watching The Santa Claus with Tim Allen and the Grinch cartoon. I can watch those a million times. I’m definitely getting into the planning spirit for 2021.

      1. They are just such great movies! I will watch them for the rest of time! And yay!

    2. Evermore and Folklore <3 I’ve not even been a huge Taylor Swift fan but I adore these albums. She’s honestly a poet, her words are so beautiful and so relatable.

      I’ve been feeling similar to you in terms of mental health so I’m glad to hear you got to safely see some family! I am just trying to survive the days right now.

      1. They are just so good! These albums are so different from her other albums, but so so beautiful lyrically and musically!

        Sending love your way, I think we’re all in survival mode right now.

    3. How fun! I love that you have incorporated some festive things into your books, shows, and music, but that you are also still consuming non-Christmas media. I feel like I can get so overwhelmed with all the holiday specials this time of year, and just want something normal!

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