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Happy Friday friend! It’s been a while since I wrote a Currently post. I switched to doing a ‘life lately’ with highlights about our lives, but then I started blogging more about the day to day. I’ll be starting a monthly ‘best of’ post with all of our highlights from the previous month, so keep an eye out for that next week!

Currently Watching…

… The Masked Singer! We just started season 2 on Wednesday. The clues are a lot harder this time around and so far I have no guesses as to who anyone is, but this is such a fun show! Von loves it too.

… Heartland. A friend recommended this one to me so I started with episode one. We’ve had a few crazy weeks so I haven’t had a chance to watch much yet, but I am interested in it!

… Criminal Minds. I’m still slowly making my way through this. I love this show, just can’t watch a ton of episodes all at once or I get too creeped out.

… Grey’s Anatomy. The new season started yesterday, but I haven’t watch it yet. I’ll be catching up on the new episode later today on Hulu!

Currently Reading…

Tunnel of Bones. This is book 2 in this fantastic and spooky middle-grade series. There are ghosts and traveling and all sorts of fun. Loving this one. Check out book 1 here.

Sorcery of Thorns. A fantasy novel I picked up from the library and I’m loving it so far! There’s forbidden magic, and lots and lots of books, what more could you want?

The Life-Giving Home (audio) this is one that I’ve been listening to in the mornings, it’s got so much goodness about creating a home that is full of life, love, and God.

Currently Loving…

… my new workout schedule. I’ve been working out during Von’s naps (which I often talk about on IG stories, are we friends there yet? If not come hang out with me @bookish_tay!)

… the 2020 Powersheets covers! Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous. I’m team Pink Linen and can’t wait to get mine. (Powersheets are an intentional goal-setting tool that I use to focus on what matters most and make my big dreams come to life.) They officially launch on October 16th, I’m so excited!

… having a yard! We recently moved in with my in-laws and my dog + baby are both loving the freedom a yard (with a fence) brings. And it’s been so nice lately. I’m excited about fall, but also loving this warmer weather that we’re still having!

That’s everything I’m currently reading, watching and loving. What are you currently reading, watching, and loving?

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P.S. We’re reading The Wicked Deep in October for my book club. Have you joined us yet?

  1. Omg yes the Masked Singer and Criminal Minds! Those 2 aren’t related at all haha but I love them too!

    1. Haha not related at all but they are both so good!

  2. Amazing shows you are watching! I’m currently loving the beginning of October since is my favorite month!

    1. They are all pretty great! I love October too!

  3. I love seeing what others are reading. Gives me ideas

    1. I love it too, it always gives me some great ideas!

  4. Having a yard must be so nice! I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of being outdoors, but I hope to have even a small yard in the future so I can read a book or have a small picnic whenever I want ☺️

    1. It really has been so nice! I don’t spend a ton of time outside normally, but I’ve been sitting on the porch and sneaking in a few pages of reading if I can while my daughter plays!

  5. I’m a fan of criminal minds and Grey’s anatomy…. I love to binge on them all at once so I will be patiently waiting for these seasons to be over first 🙂

    1. I love to binge them too! I’m actually not quite caught up for the new seasons of Criminal Minds, so that one I’m still binging. Grey’s is torture to wait every week for the new episodes since I watched all of them right at once up until season 14. But I still love them!

  6. Wait, The Masked Singer started season 2 already? I have to check this out!

    1. Yes! It just started last week, I’m so excited for this season!

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