February Progress and March Goals

Text: Goals: March 2021 + February Progress

It’s already March! (Anyone else have a part of their brain that’s still stuck in last March? What a weird year.) But, a new month means new goals. I’m keeping things fairly simple with my March goals, simply because I’ve been trying to slow down a bit.

I feel like February flew by! February went a lot better than January did. My mental health was a lot better, and even though there were still quite a few days that were a struggle, it was a better month.

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February Monthly goals progress:

In February, I didn’t finish any of my monthly goals, but I did make steps on each of them.

  • We paid off more of our debt (and will finish in March!)
  • I picked out the seeds for my garden but haven’t ordered them yet.
  • I also started my paint by number, but it’s a little more work than I thought, but a fun and different way to be creative!

February Weekly goals progress:

  • We didn’t have FHE every single week, but we’re getting into the habit more.
  • Make a budget. YES!!
  • Go to the library. YES! Von loves the library so much too, which makes it even more fun.

February Daily Action items progress:

  • Still working to make reading scriptures with Von a daily habit
  • Had a lot more kneeling prayers and definitely had more conversations with God this month!
  • Why is making the 10-minute pickup at the end of the day so hard for me? I’ll be trying something new this month!
  • I wrote in my journal almost every day for the last half of February! I’m enjoying that habit again 🙂
  • Talk about Jesus – I’m definitely doing this more, as it’s on my mind a lot more.

How I went about setting my March Goals:

As I mentioned, I’m planning to slow down a bit in March. I have a few things I’ll be really focusing on, but I’m saying no to everything else. I use the PowerSheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters to set intentional goals + track them each month!

Monthly Goals:

  • Write 30k of a new novel. That’s right! I’m starting a new book. (See some details here!) I’m hoping to write about 1k a day, but I’m also gonna be flexible if that doesn’t work with what’s happening in our life. I’m excited for this new project though!
  • Finish paying off our debt. We’re so, so, so close. And Griffin is getting a bonus from work this month, which we’ll use a portion of to pay off the rest of our debt (other than our mortgage)
  • 3-4 blog posts. With the novel I’m working on, I won’t be blogging nearly as much this month. But I’m still aiming for once a week, if possible!

Weekly Goals:

  • Attend virtual church. Our ward (congregation) finally started streaming church services at the end of January. I’ve missed church so much this past year, and am glad we can attend in this way.
  • New YouTube video. Every Saturday you can expect to see a new video on my YouTube channel (are you subscribed yet?!) Right now, these will all be less than 10 minutes!

Daily Action Items/Goals:

  • Selah Study. There’s still time to get the digital version of this 6-week study through Psalms that starts today. I’m so excited to start this one!
  • Write. This is sort of a given since I have a word count goal. But this also includes writing in my journal or on my blog. I don’t have to work on my book every day.
  • Read with Von. We’re (slowly) starting to implement a longer bedtime read-aloud. instead of just picture books. We’ve started the Mercy Watson series. I only read a few very short chapters each night, but it’s a fun time!
  • Pick up 10 things at night. Since getting in the habit of doing a nightly pick-up is proving harder than I thought, I’m making this task, even more, bite-sized by giving it a number. 10 things, then I can go to bed. I’m hoping this will help kickstart this habit so I can do a more thorough pick-up at some point.

What goals or habits are you hoping to work on this month!?

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  1. YOU’RE WRITING A NOVEL??????????/ TAYYYYYYY! this is HUGE! I love this for you!! I’m so proud of you! Your goals are killer, and also congrats on paying off debt! Keep kicking major butt girl!

    1. YES! Thank you!! 🙂 It’ll technically be my second novel once I finish it, but possibly the first I’ll try to get published! And thank you so much!!

  2. I did a paint by number in February too, and boy was it way more involved than I thought! It took about two weeks of consistently working on it!!! Good luck with yours!!!

    1. Thank you!! As of right now, I really only work on it during nap time, since my 3yo loves to paint, which isn’t super helpful with this! But it’ll get done at some point 🙂

  3. Wow, you have some amazing goals! I want to check out the Selah study you mentioned.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really loving the Selah study so far! I hope you check it out 🙂

  4. I love that you look at why you didn’t fully achieve your goals and then make small adjustments, like with cleaning up at night. Good luck with writing your novel! I have always said I want to do that, but I’ve been “writing” it for like 10 years at this point.

    1. I recently started doing that I think last year. Making the small adjustments has helped so much. I used to feel like I “failed” on a goal if I didn’t get it perfectly, but that’s not the point of why I set goals anyway, so I’m definitely learning that adjusting is necessary and useful! and thank you! I started making writing a bigger priority a few years ago, and it definitely helped. It’s slow going, but we’ll get there.

  5. That’s amazing and so fun that you’re writing a book! My goal is to just continue posting once a week to my blog, ha.

    1. I love it! That’s a really great goal! 🙂

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