For Good

this morning I woke up stressed. Mostly about something that was an easy fix, but my brain went into hyper active stress mode.

we got it all figured out though and by this time tomorrow everything will be fixed. 

griffin has been super busy at work all week and me and Von have just been hanging out with my parents. I love that they are here this week and that we get to hang out with them. 

today we walked around the mall and Von rode the carousel with my dad. She smiled (at least at first until she realized it just kept going 😂) 

then we hung out until my mom and I went to Wicked. We don’t get many mom/daughter dates and it was so fun and amazing. If I had any musical talent I would love to be in wicked.  

During intermission we found out that Von was crying and screaming and not sleeping (she was at home with griff and my dad) I felt so bad that I was having such a great time and wasn’t there to comfort her. Mom guilt is real and weird sometimes. But she was fine and so was I. And I really did enjoy my time at the play.  

We got home and mom and dad headed back to their hotel and even though it’s late, I’m typing this as I snuggle my sleeping baby.  

Everything is quiet and the words to For Good are in my head as I listen to Von breathing. What a great week it’s been so far ❤️