Good + Happy #2

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Last week, I started a new blog series called Good + Happy where I’ll share happy and good things from my life and the internet. In part, this series feels a little selfish, as I’m trying to look for good and happier things In my own life but I also feel that the world could use a bit more light and I want to share those things with you.

I’d love to hear about the good + happy things that are happening in your life this week! Share in the comments to make this post a little happier!

1 A Little Bit Shattered

Wow, I’ve been trying to find words about how I feel about getting vaccinated. About being able to go places without a mask and all the anxiety that has come with that. The anxiety I never expected. I loved Ashlee’s post about her experience though because it rang so true to my own.

2 Library Storytime

Our library started storytime back up! It’s outside, and not every week, but YAY! This week we went for the very first time. We never went when we lived down near Denver because we didn’t live close to the library and my husband took our only car to work. I was so excited for last summer because we were finally going to do all the fun things that the library had to offer since Von would understand more, and then the pandemic happened. But I’m glad we’re finally able to go! Von had a great time and I loved it too!

3 Audiobooks!

Apparently, June is audiobook month (get a free one here!) and I’ve been living for audiobooks since I’m in the middle of editing and can’t seem to read a physical book. I’ve been listening to A Coat of Yellow Paint, which truly has just been what my soul needed, I’m LOVING it. And I switch back and forth to listen to Malibu Rising, one of my most anticipated reads of the summer. So far, the jury is out on if I’ll like it more than Daisy Jones, time will tell!

What good + happy things happened in your life this week?

P.S. In case you missed it:

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