Good + Happy #3

This week has been a super weird one for me. I’ve been anxious and on edge and it’s honestly been hard to think of the good + happy things that have been happening.

Last night though, I started reading some posts from a blog that was 9 years old (that I have saved elsewhere) and I can’t help but think about what I wrote in my first good + happy post, about how I used to be so optimistic, and even when I was going through so many hard things (there’s always gonna be hard things) I was still looking at the bright side.

In honor of some of those old posts (that probably only family read), today I’m sharing a list of good things that made me happy this week + things I’m grateful for, instead of just 3 things like I’ve done the past few weeks.

  • Old blog posts
  • Books that make you fall in love with reading again (I’m talking about The Nature of Witches, I can’t wait to share my thoughts when I’m finished!)
  • My sister is coming to visit!
  • I get to meet my niece for the first time soon
  • These strawberry scones are INCREDIBLE!!
  • Reading scriptures before bed brings me a lot of comfort
  • It was cloudy yesterday afternoon and didn’t feel quite so hot
  • Von got to go swimming twice this week!
  • I spoke in church (okay not my fave thing) but it went well
  • Von asked me to read her books yesterday
  • It’s finally the weekend
  • Reading old journals
  • Visiting with the missionaries from our church
  • Listening to audiobooks in the car
  • Juneteenth is gonna be a federal holiday!! (as it should have been a long time ago!)

To be honest, coming up with that list was harder than I expected. But my heart does feel a little bit lighter. I am grateful for my life and for the opportunities I have right now. I hope that we all can keep looking for the good.

What good and happy things happened to you this week?

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