Good + Happy #4

Happy Friday friends! Welcome to good + happy #4. In case you missed it, Good + Happy is the new series that I share every Friday. You can see my previous posts here.

This week has been different for us, since family was in town (well, not staying with us but staying with my in-laws) so we spent a bunch of time there! I also sent out my author newsletter, and you can sign up below if you missed this one!

As always, be sure to share any good + happy things happening in your life in the comments so we can all spread the joy!

1 A New Favorite Book

I shared yesterday that I read my new favorite of the year (just after sharing my list of ‘faves from the first half of 2021). But truly, this book is fantastic. If you want a book that will just sweep you away, I highly recommend checking it out! I promise you won’t regret reading The Nature of Witches!

2 Holding New Babies

Like I mentioned, we’ve got family in town and we got to meet our new niece! (My first and only niece) this week. Isn’t holding new babies just the best? They’re so soft and snuggling. I’m honestly not baby hungry, but it was fun to get a little newborn fix and to see V play with her very first cousin. I’m sure they’ll be great friends once baby gets a bit older. She did get a little jealous when I was trying to feed the baby a few days ago. But it was still fun to hold the new babe and hang out with family a bunch.

3 Your Work is Worthy

I recently signed up for this newsletter/blog called Slant Letter. This week’s message came at the perfect time. As a writer, I often have self-doubt that what I’m working on is actually going to be good enough to go out into the world. I love this message about changing how we talk about our work and changing the language we use about our craft and space in general. Definitely worth the read if you’re any type of creative!

4 Time to get minimalist?

On Instagram stories I shared yesterday about how stressed our home has been making me. There’s just stuff


It’s time of a change. I’ve been following @thelaminimalist on Instagram for a while now, along with other minimalists. It’s a mindset I’d like to adapt, and not only have less things, but fill my life and home with things I love and need and enjoy. So, if you need me, I’ll be clearing my clutter for the next little bit and I’ll be sure to share my journey here on my blog.

5 Swim Season is Here!

Last week we tried to brave the pool super close to us, only to find out it was closed because there’s not enough life guards! We did find a super fun pool that’s a little further away that we’ve been to a few times and hopefully again soon. I loved swimming as a kid and my one goal this year was to get in the pool with V (or run through the sprinklers or whatever) and it’s been fun to do that. We even got to go with my sister when she was in town for a few days!


Okay, going all out this week and sharing a few more good + happy things than usual. But last Friday, Taylor Swift announced that Red (Taylor’s Version) is coming. Every single time I listen to Red I’m transported back to fall 2012. This album is incredibly nostalgic for me and I’m honestly thrilled that it’s the next re-record to be released! Now can it be November so we can hear it!?

What good + happy things happened in your life this week?

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  1. Love cooling off & swimming in the pool! It’s been 90-100’s out here so a cool dip has been much needed!

  2. I can’t wait for Red! I’m literally counting down the days. It’s released the day after my wedding anniversary, so it’s extra special to me. You’ve also got me so excited to read your new favorite book. It sounds incredible, based on the review you wrote!

    1. I’m counting down the days as well!! And what a fun anniversary present!

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