Good + Happy #8

Happy Friday friends, it’s been a while since I shared a Good + Happy post, but I thought that it was time. The past few weeks I’ve been trying to write down 3 good or happy things at the end of every single day. It’s a practice I want to take with me through winter. Since winter is generally when my anxiety and depression get worse. I decided maybe it would be good to share some of those highlights again here on my blog.

Every Friday (hopefully) I’ll share good + happy things from my life and things I’ve seen online. I hope you’ll share something good in the comments, or in your own journal 🙂

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1 It feels like fall!!

Officially! I know there might still be some warmer days, but all day yesterday I wore a sweater! The leaves are changing and the crisp, cool air feels like so many good things are coming. I love fall and while I’m a little apprehensive about the change in the weather and what that means for my toddler who hates pants, I’m mostly excited. I need to go crunch some leaves now. Excuse me.

2 I discovered my new favorite bra

I haven’t been bra shopping in waaaay too long (it’s been years, since before Von was born!) The other day I stopped at Soma, just to get measured and see if what I assumed was my new size was correct. It was. I bought two of these bras and I’m in love. Seriously, my new favorite bra. I don’t want one with wire in it ever again. I would live in this bra if I had to. It has made me ridiculously happy to have a bra that fits well and fits right again. If you’re in the market for a new bra, I’d really recommend this one.

3 General Conference is this weekend

Every six months the leaders of my church hold a worldwide conference where they talk about faith, Jesus, family, and so much more. I look forward to it every time it rolls around because it really does help fill my spiritual tank. You can watch It here tomorrow and Sunday, starting at 10 am mountain time.

4 Walk in Power: A Mother’s Love

“Your power as a mother is in your love” this one hit home. I truly loved this post.

5 The Starless Sea audiobook

This book has been out for 2 years and I’ve been putting off reading it. I LOVED The Night Circus when I read it back in 2018, and I’m always nervous to read other books from authors I love. I’m in the middle of The Starless Sea, but if you love books or stories, I think you’ll be a fan of this one. I need more time in my day to listen to audiobooks because this one has me captivated. Listen to it for free when you try!

6 We went apple picking!

Recently I found out there’s an orchard close-ish to us and on Saturday we went and picked apple’s! It was such a fun family activity and perfect for fall! I’m adding it to our yearly things to do because I loved it so much! I made some apple fritters and am planning to make an apple crisp tonight for our “hello fall” dinner celebration.

7 I made a home video

I’ve got a million short little video clips but never know what to do with them. Earlier this year I bought this course (1 hour to watch + a PDF, worth every penny) that helped me learn how to take better footage + compile it in a way that is fun and exciting to watch. Right now I’m not sharing it publicly, but it gives me so much joy to watch!

That’s all for this week! What’s something good and happy in your life?

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