How I’m Coping with Anxiety this November

Last week I read this great article about how all of our pandemic anxiety is about to collide with seasonal depression + anxiety.

November is a hard and triggering month for me already, and usually when I feel the most anxiety. Throw in the election tomorrow + the pandemic + the sun going down at 5 and woo, it’s a fun ride. But also not.

This year though, I made a plan with a few things I’ll be doing daily or regularly to help ease my anxiety this month. I shared them over on Instagram stories today but wanted to share them here as well.

5 step plan (1).png

My plan for coping + dealing with my anxiety this November:

1) Take breaks from social media.

Oh hey, the love and sometimes hate relationship I’ve got with social media. I love that I’m able to connect with friends and family there, and share my love books. But this year, it’s been intense. Just like it was in 2016. I’m rarely on Facebook and Twitter these days, cause everything is either Trump this or Biden that and it’s just… a lot.

I’m planning to take a bit of a break this week, because my anxiety is already high and I know it will be with the news of the election. I’m setting some boundaries with social media, that I’ll probably keep in the future.

2) Move my body

Whether it’s a walk or a 10 minute yoga practice or a full 30-45 minute at home work out, I’m gonna move my body every single day.

3) Be creative before I get on social media (if I get on at all)

This is one of the boundaries I’ve created for myself. Before I start scrolling I’m going to write or edit or color or write a blog post. Anything and everything that’s creative will be done (or at least started) before I get on social media, on the days I get on at all.

I am creative by nature, but it’s often easy to get caught up in what everyone else is creating and working on if if I’m constantly on social media. So, I’m reversing what I’ve done in the past, I’m creating first, scrolling second (or third or fifth).

4) Talk with my friends

Being a stay at home mom is often lonely (at least in regards to adult connection). This year I’ve been better about calling and talking with my friends, but I’ll be making even more of an effort this month to reach out and have phone dates.

5) Re-read or re-watch my favorite books and shows.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving the familiar this year. The things that have brought my heart joy in the past, the things that make me feel more normal. I’ll be reaching for these things more this month (and probably in December too).

And the rest of my list:

These aren’t things I’ll do daily, but they’re in my pool to draw from when my anxiety is high. This list includes:

  • Having dance parties in my kitchen

  • reading Scripture

  • Praying

  • Going to the library

  • Journaling

  • Car rides

  • Decorating for Christmas

  • Listening to Christmas music

  • Watching Christmas movies (or old favorites)

I know these things will help me. I’ve also got regular therapy appointments with my virtual therapist, a weighted blanket for at night, and hope that doing these things will actually help. I’d love to hear what’s on your plan to help with anxiety at this time?

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