January 2021 PowerSheets Goals

Open PowerSheets on January, with pen on top

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A new year, a new month.

And we’re already halfway through the month, but it’s time to finally share my goals for January 2021.

I started slow, easing into my 2021 yearly goals with some starting steps. I didn’t want to do too much, but these are all things that I can focus on and have been focusing on. I use PowerSheets to set + track my goals!

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January Monthly Goals:

  • Send $2000 to credit card debt!
  • Make a vlog for my new YouTube channel
  • Set online boundaries for my personal social media use + family screen time

January Weekly Goals:

  • Make a budget — a weekly budget is easier for us than a monthly one!
  • Meal plan andeal plan + prep — to make evenings run smoother
  • Social media free day — I need some extra quiet from all the noise of social media

January Daily Goals (habits):

  • Bed by 10:00 pm — I’m finally giving myself a bedtime as an adult
  • Kneeling prayer — to really focus as I talk to God
  • 10-minute pickup in the evening — create a better evening routine so the mornings and days go a little better
  • Write (my book, in my journal, a blog post) — writing is in my soul and I need to make it a priority
  • Screen-free morning — we’ll get outside or play in Von’s room or run some errands
  • Move my body — a walk, an actual work out, or yoga

What are your goals for January!? What are you working on this month?

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