January Progress and February Goals

February Powersheets showing my February goals

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Wow. How is it already February? I feel like January was good but weird and also hard. Can it be all three?

I really struggled with my mental illnesses all through January. Thank goodness for online therapy and good friends and family. I’m just hoping that February is a better month!

February 2021 Goals. Open planner next to pink phone.

In January, we paid off some debt and did a lot better at setting a budget each time we got paid. I also had some great kneeling prayers and I know I focus more when I kneel (instead of just lying in bed).

While I didn’t do all my January goals perfectly, I still made progress, and that’s what matters.

February tending list in Powersheets, showing my February goals

February Goals

I split up my goals into monthly, weekly, and daily habits and action items, which helps me from getting overwhelmed, but also helps me stay on track! I use the tending list in my Powersheets to track my progress.

Monthly Goals:

  • Pay off our Chase credit card! We’re so close!!
  • Order seeds for our garden! And finish plans for our garden!
  • Do my paint by number. One of my aunts was doing these one Sunday during our family zoom call. I promptly ordered one, but I need to actually do it!

Weekly Goals:

  • Family Home Evening. Spend time together (on Monday evenings) intentionally + with a spiritual lesson.
  • Make a budget. This will only be on the days we get paid, so every 2 weeks!
  • Go to the library. It’s a good way to get out of the house and Von loves picking new books!

Daily Goals/Habits:

  • Read scriptures with Von
  • Kneeling prayer
  • 10-minute pick up. I didn’t do super great at this last month, but I always feel better in the mornings if our house is a little tidier.
  • Write something. In my journal, a blog post, a scene. Anything really!
  • Talk about Jesus. With friends, family, online, in person. Anything goes. I just want to be talking about Him more.

What are your goals for February? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. I love that you’re making time to visit your local library. Mine is still closed to the public and so many of the books I’d love to check out have massively long holds. Hopefully by the time things re-open I can snag all the lovely novels I want to read!

    1. My library has been opened and then closed and then opened again. When they were closed they did do curbside pickup, which was really nice. But it has been fun to go inside again!

  2. These are such wonderful goals, friend! I’m so sorry to hear that January was so tough on you, mentally – I can relate, but it breaks my heart to hear of anyone else walking through that. I pray that February will be wonderful for you, filled with better and brighter days!! And you’re going to totally crush your upcoming goals. I just know it!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!! I hope that February is better for you as well! It was definitely tough, and I’m hopeful that this month will be better.

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