June Progress + July Goals

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June, I’m so grateful for you. For your bright sun and beautiful skies. For all the thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon. The long pool days and mornings that smell like freshly cut grass. June, you sure were good to us (minus the week we all had terrible allergies)

And now it’s July. Time for more bbq’s, celebrating freedom (how far we’ve come and knowing how much further we need to go). There will be swimming lessons and camping trips and hopefully lots of memories.

I cannot believe that we’re in the second half of 2021. What a year! Anyone else feel like it’s going so much faster than last year? I’m grateful that things are opening up, that we’re getting back into our routine of church worship on Sunday’s. I’m also amazed at how busy our life suddenly became now that we’ve got access to a car when everything is open!

In June, my biggest focus was finishing developmental edits for my novel. This didn’t happen. More on this another day (unless you’re an email subscriber and already know) but I’ve needed to pivot a bit in my writing journey. It’s okay and exciting, but I didn’t finish edits because I’m no longer working on that novel.

I did however, start going shelf by shelf and have started to declutter my very messy space.

Also, my new cleaning routine has made a tremendous difference in what our house looks like more of the time. Glad to keep doing this!

I’m excited for this new, summer season and for the bounty of life it will bring. I’m slowing down, stepping away from social media for a time, and really focusing on what’s right in front of me.

July Monthly Goals:

  • Go to the temple. (You can find out more about temples here) but I’m so excited to go back!!!
  • Enjoy a social media-free month! I deleted all the apps on Monday, I’m already enjoying the break (though there have been some tough moments)
  • Declutter my office. I want my space to be more sanctuary like less dump everything room.

July Weekly Goals:

  • Buy fruit
  • Plan workouts (5 minutes each) for Monday – Friday

July Daily Goals:

  • Eat fruit with lunch
  • Write the Every Day challenge. You can read my posts from this challenge, here.
  • Read with Von
  • Early to bed

Your turn!! I’d love to hear what you’re focusing on this month in the comments!

Also, even though I’m taking time off social media, I have a few videos I filmed that I can’t wait to share on YouTube, so subscribe over there to see some summer reading recommendations, a fun sister book tag, and more!

P.S. I use PowerSheets to set + track all of my goals and they’re on sale this week!

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