Life Lately, Vol. 2

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Happy Friday friends! I love sharing our life updates every month so you can know a little more of what’s been happening behind the scenes of my blog and in life! Read last month’s update here.

I feel like this past month has been busy and fun and really incredible. Let’s get started.

Personal + family update

  • Von discovered she LOVES playing with water and we now spend a few hours every single day out on our patio where she pours water from cup to cup. I play with her and get some reading in. Gotta enjoy the nice weather since Fall in Colorado seems to last about a week and I’m not ready for that or for winter, so we’re soaking up all the summer days!

  • I started working out consistently! I’ve worked out every day for the past two and a half weeks and honestly, it feels so good. I’m not trying to lose weight right now (either maintain or gain actually) but I want to be healthy. I haven’t been taking care of my body at all recently, so it was time. And I actually look forward to my workout every day once Von goes down for her nap.

  • I had my first (almost) zero waste period this past week. I’ve been using a Saalt cup and THINX underwear and so far both of those are LIFE CHANGING. I’ll write more about both of these once I’ve gone a few cycles. But seriously, life changing already.


  • Von is 18 months old now, which means at church she gets to go to nursery all by herself. She did great the first 2 weeks and then last week she was clingy with Griffin so she didn’t go. But she gets toys and snacks and has fun, so hopefully she’ll keep going! If not, she’ll just come with us to our classes still.

  • My parents came to visit! We had a fun and busy day and saw just how much Von loves Indian food.

  • I met up with a few Bookstagrammers a few Sunday’s ago (yes, I met up with people I met online, isn’t that what we do now?) and it was so fun to get to know those ladies! I love meeting people in real life.




Blogging + Book Writing

  • I filmed a writing update and I’m so close to finishing this first draft of my novel. I’ve dreamed of being a writer + author since I was 12, and I’m finally taking the steps to make that happen!

  • I’ve been blogging a little less, as I’ve been more focused on my book. But I usually have a post every Tuesday (this post was supposed to go up then, but life happens) and on a couple of Sunday’s a month. I’m still trying to blog at least semi-regularly because I love it, it’s just not my main focus right now.

  • I’ve been trying to have Instagram free Sunday’s. Last Sunday it was such a nice break, so I’ll definitely be doing that more!

That’s basically everything that’s been happening. I feel like I’ve been a little quieter on social media simply because I’ve been focusing on family, growing my faith, and writing my book. I also realized that I don’t mind not being so obsessed with Instagram, I still love it and I’ll still use it, just not as much as I have in the past (and for this I mean that I’ll be scrolling less, I’ll probably still post about the same).

What’s been going on with you lately? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Indya | The Small Adventurer

    August 24, 2019 at 7:07 am

    I’d love to do a meet up with my online friends someday! I know to people who didn’t grow up with the internet that can seem terrifying, but these days it’s pretty easy to know what kind of people to stay away from online. It must have been so much fun to meet up with a bunch of other who love reading too!

    1. Yes! I have a few more people I’d love to meet. It was really fun to get together with people in the area who also love reading!

  2. Congratulations on the novel! I’m so excited for you. It’s so inspirational to see you pursue your dreams.

    1. Thank you!! It really is so fun!

  3. I’d love to hear your reviews about menstrual cups and thinx underwear!

    1. I’ll be writing a review soon! Can’t wait to share all of my thoughts!

  4. Sounds like things have been going well for you! I love that you met up with some online friends, that’s amazing! Connecting with your community is a great thing.

    1. Life has been pretty good! And it was so fun to finally meet up with people I’ve been talking with for a while! Love being able to meet my community!

  5. Life is good! Love the updates. And I’m excited about your book! Well done.

    1. Glad life is good! And thank you!

  6. I’d love to hear more about your book and the new adventures that you’ve shared with your family. This is worth sharing.

    1. I filmed a little writing update that you can see here if you’re interested.

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