Little Hands

Yesterday wasn’t a ‘normal’ day for us. Von fought me every step of the way, starting with wanting a brownie for breakfast instead of eggs and toast (we both sort of won, she got some brownie but also ate some eggs) to when we tried for over an hour to get her down for a nap. I’m not sure if she just wasn’t feeling well (probably because she ate a brownie for breakfast :/) or what was happening.

I did get frustrated at first, because that’s what usually happens when things don’t go according to ‘plan’ I say it like that because our days are so loosely planned anyway that it does seem silly for me to get stressed or frustrated about it. We have a routine that I’m trying to be better at sticking to, so that we can have more flow and rhythm in our days instead of wondering what we should do next.

I let go of my frustrations and we headed out to our little patio and I watched as Von played with water. She’s been obsessed with this game for about a week now and we spend hours outside moving the water from one cup to another. She loves it.

Yesterday she found a leaf in one of the cups and came and handed it to me, and I noticed how small her hands are. She’s getting so big, saying so many words, and starting to do so many things. But she is still this tiny little human.

Her little hands

grab mine
reach for me
wave hello
say bye-bye
eat food
tug on my legs
pat my chest
reach up to be held
find bugs and leaves and grass and flowers
hold bottles
pat her bum
give knuckles and high fives
grab my hands and bring them to her face
say “hand” before she falls asleep, my hand in hers
put her thumb in her mouth when she’s sleepy
pets the dog
plays in the water
read books

I love her little hands and all the things she does with them every day. Today I’m going to embrace the slow and just try to enjoy the day, no matter how it goes.