ICYMI we moved last Friday! Surprise (a week ago I had no idea we’d be in a new place this week. It’s been a crazy week)

This apartment holds so many memories for me, as we lived there for 18 months. It was my first time not being employed and I was at home 98% of the time. (We only have one car so I didn’t leave much when Griffin was at work.)

In this apartment I sat on the floor with my six week old baby and cried, wondering how on earth I was going to be a mom, how on earth I was going to make it in a place where I literally knew now one.

This was the place where Von learned to roll over, to crawl, to walk, to talk, to dance, to run. This is where I breastfed her for sixteen months. This is where I watched all 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in less than three months because I didn’t know what to do all day with a baby who just ate and slept.


This is the apartment where I cooked our dinners almost every night.

This is the apartment where I got to experience my first Colorado summer with the crazy hail storms and my first Colorado winter that seemed to last forever.

This is where I said goodbye to so much pain of the past and started to make a new life.

This is where I lived some of my lowest points in life so far, but it’s also where I experienced some of my greatest joys.

This is where I learned that I didn’t have to wait till nap time to feel like a person again.

This is where I wrote my first novel.

This is where my parents visited every month to spend time with me and Griffin and help Von get to know them.

This is where we had not one, not two, not three, but four leaks in our bathroom (all due to upstairs leaks).

This is where I realized how much I love space heaters and how much I hate the heating in this apartment.

This is where I made friends and started to get healthy again and this is where I chose to fight for my life and make my life better than it was before.

This is where I sat in the late hours of the night nursing, rocking, and snuggling with my baby.

This is where I spent my first night alone while Griffin went on his first ever business trip and I was so anxious to be alone with Von and Persephone, but we did it.

This is where I fell in love with writing again.

This is where I was when Griffin came home and told me he lost his job.

This is where we were when he got a new job offer.

This is where we lived for the past 18 months of our lives.

There are things I’ll miss about living here, I’lll miss our ward members and the friendships we made. I’ll miss the little patio that Von loved to play on, and I think I’ll even miss this apartment a little bit, because so much life happened here. I won’t miss the crappy heaters or the fact that there wasn’t any direct sunlight in the winter. But I’ll miss our kitchen dance parties, Von chasing Persephone from our room to the couch and back again. I’ll miss the place where Von went from a tiny little baby into a full blown toddler with so much sass and attitude.

This place has been good for us. This is where we were supposed to be and now, even though I know it’s time to leave, I’m grateful for our next adventure.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 13.27.23.png