March 2020 Goals

If we’re friends over on Instagram (@bookish_tay) then you’ll know that my mental health hasn’t been super great. I’ve been talking about it a lot on my stories and in my posts how February was a really bad month for me when it came to my mental health.

Because of that, I decided to take a week off from blogging (last week) so I’m sharing my goals for March today, even though we’re 10 days into the month. But you gotta take care of yourself!


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As always I’ll review my February goals and talk about how last month went. I use Powersheets to set + track my goals each month. I’ve tried online systems and DIY trackers, but Powersheets work the best for me. Everything is right there, ready to be filled out and used!

How I did on my February Goals:

In February my focus was working on my novel! I made a lot of progress.

February Monthly Goals:

  • Finish draft three/revisions: This didn’t happen. I’m still working hard on this draft, there have been so many revisions and changes, but I’m really loving how it’s going right now.

  • Start List of Potential agents: Sort of. I did buy Guide to Literary Agents 2020 so that I can start making a list of agents for when I’ll be ready to pitch later this year!

  • Find the first round of beta readers. To be honest, this one still overwhelms me. I do have a few people who will read this next finished draft to provide feedback. I think I’ll have 5 people read it and right now I’ve got 2 for sure who will be reading it.

February Weekly Goals:

  • Share writing updates on Instagram: YES! at least, I’ve been sharing more than I was before. By the end of the month, I was sharing more updates in posts instead of on stories

February Monthly Goals:

  • Write or Edit. 23/29 days! Which I’m calling as a huge win! I spent a lot of the month working on my book 🙂

  • Track Finances. This was something I ended up doing every week instead of every day, only because I forgot to track daily.

  • 10 Pushups. 7/29 days. OOPS! This did not happen, mostly cause I’d forget.


Goals for March 2020

I really loved focusing only on my book during February, but I also noticed that there were a few things I wished I tracked so that I could stay accountable. So I’m adding in a few more goals for March.

March Monthly Goals:

  • Send $2000 to savings. If we can do more, that would be AMAZING, but I think that $2000 is a great goal. We’re OFFICIALLY debt free!! Another note on that our finances, I was doing monthly updates of my spend free year, but I’m really not feeling that. I’ll still be sharing more updates on Instagram and a few throughout the year here on my blog.

  • Date night. We’ve gone on two date nights this year (once a month!) and I’m planning on going on one this month too!

  • Find my other beta readers. I have a few people who have expressed interest, so I’ll be reaching out this month!

  • Take a week of blogging. Already done!!

march weekly goals

  • Therapy Appointment. I’ve started therapy again! I had my first session last week and I’m feeling more hopeful about life than I have in a long time. I’m excited to continue. My mental health still isn’t awesome, but I’ve got a great therapist now and I’m getting the help I need.

  • Share a writing update. I had such a great time sharing updates last month so I wanted to continue!

  • Paint my nails. I have always been a nail biter and I hate it. In 2012, I started painting my nails every week and I STOPPED BITING MY NAILS! When my anxiety got really bad in 2016, the habit started again. So it’s time to break it. I don’t bite my nails if they are painted so I got some nail polish and I’m ready to go!

march daily goals

  • Morning Routine. I’ll write a full post about what my morning routine is soon, but for now, I’m making it a habit!

  • Write. At least 20/31 days this month!

  • Bed by 10:30. I’ve had a lot of late nights lately and that’s not great for my anxiety. When I get enough sleep everything is better, so I’m giving myself a bedtime.

  • Get out of the house. It’s getting nice outside and I’ve been going crazy staying home all the time. So we’re getting out! Hanging out with friends, going to the store, or just going on a walk. Anything to get out!

  • Scripture reading. Technically this is part of my morning routine, but I wanted to track it separately!

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    Do you set monthly goals? What are you working on in March? I’d love to hear about it + cheer you on!

    1. Setting monthly goals is so important! I love to set 3 or 4 a month and then break them down into daily MITS! My most important goal is to sign 2 more Law Of Attraction coaching clients this month!

      1. YES! I love having bigger goals that I break down and can work on throughout the month. Good luck signing new clients! That’s such an awesome goal 🙂

    2. I volunteer as tribute to be a beta reader 😉 It’s awesome that you set these kind of goals for yourself! You’re amazing. I need to start creating goal lists for myself each month. I think that would be really helpful for me. I love yours for March. You’ve got this!

      1. I just messaged you on Instagram about beta reading! 🙂 And thank you so much! It really is helpful for me, breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals! Life is always changing so it feels like a nice refresh each month!

    3. First of all, I’m glad you’re getting the help you need! And then there’s the "debt free" bit – YAY!! That’s a great accomplishment, and one I’m working one! Have a great March!

      1. Thank you! I’m so glad I’m getting help too 🙂 I hope you make progress as you work towards being debt free! It’s truly an amazing feeling! Have a good March!

    4. Great goals for the month of March. I am so inspired to start packing money away in my savings after reading this!

      1. Thank you! And YAY! I’m realizing now that having a savings helps relieve so much stress when unexpected expenses come up!

    5. My mental health was also awful the past month. You still got a lot done for February even dealing with that! Sometimes it’s just an accomplishment to get out of bed and get through the day, but you still did a lot of work so great job. I also love the look of that planner and I’m bookmarking it for next year 🙂

      1. I’m so sorry your mental health has been awful! That’s so hard! I was definitely able to get a lot done, and I really do love to celebrate every victory, big and small! Yes! You should totally get powersheets for next year, they are so awesome!

    6. Those powersheets are beautiful!

      1. They are so pretty!

    7. Setting goals is such a great way to make ourselves accountable. And you are putting them out there for the world to see! We’ve set some similar goals for ourselves as well and self care is absolutely the priority!

      1. Yes! I love to share on here not only to motivate others, but it also gives me another way to stay accountable 🙂

    8. Congratulations for becoming debt free, that’s such a huge milestone, so happy for you!

      1. Thank you!! It feels so good!

    9. These all sound like awesome goals, I hope you achieve everything you want to! Taking a break from blogging can be so good for our mental health, I hope you are feeling much better now. Have a great month and good luck with the goals! <3 xx

      Bexa |

      1. I’m definitely feeling a lot better! Blog breaks (and social media breaks) are really so important!

    10. These are some great goals. Good luck with achieving all of them. I really enjoy setting monthly goals as I feel it’s the best way to break down those bigger goals and not overwhelm me too much.

      1. Thank you so much! Breaking them down like this helps me so much!

    11. Excellent goals! That’s so exciting about getting ready to pitch to agents… I’m writing a book too but I can’t even get focused on refining the first draft! I hope it goes well. Also hope that the week off helped!

      1. Thank you so much!! Keep writing, you’ll get there.

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