Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Last week was so much fun. My parents were in town because my dad had a work trip here in Denver. He worked Monday - Wednesday while my mom and I hung out and then he hung out with us.

We went on lots of car rides (mostly to Target) but it was nice to get out of the house. Von loved all of the adventures we took and I’m just amazed at how well behaved she is nearly all the time!

Thursday night my mom and I went to Wicked (and Von didn’t sleep until I got home around 11 because she wanted me. Which made me feel real good and loved.

Friday we had to take our car in to get one of the tires replaced so that was an adventure, but I’m grateful my parents were here, that helped me stress less!

Saturday we headed out to Cabela’s to see the fish tank there. We knew that Von isn’t quite old enough to be interested in the aquarium so we went somewhere that wouldn’t cost us anything. She loved the fish, for about a minute and then was distracted by other things.

We mostly spent the weekend hanging out with my parents and enjoying our last few days together.

My parents headed back home yesterday afternoon (but their flight was super delayed since we were on tornado watch! Yikes! Thankfully that passed and I didn’t see any tornados.

Today we’re just taking it nice and slow. I picked up our groceries, did some work, and worked out. Now I’m just writing and about to go work on some book edits (full writing update coming tomorrow if Von cooperates anyway!) I hope you’re having an awesome Memorial Day!


We also had to stop at Krispy Kreme. Von is a huge fan of doughnuts.


She wasn’t feeling church yesterday so my mom walked around with her during Sunday School.


Post workout me. Taking the time to be active and get healthy is amazing. I’ll share more about it soon.


And Von discovered her toes this week and she’s fascinated! It’s kind of hilarious.