“Mom, Take a Photo”

My parents left last night, after a super fun weekend together which I’ll share about soon. But today my only goal was to get outside.

We’re still in the weird September weather where the mornings are cool but by afternoon it’s still in the upper 80s (it’s supposed to be 97 on Friday!) but today was nice and cool-ish.

We met a friend at the park so our girls could play. Neither of them were super interested in playing with each other, but I think they still had a good time. And I got some adult conversation with someone other than Griff.

Once Von started going down the slide she said “mom, take a photo of me” I have no idea why she’s started saying photo instead of picture but it’s pretty cute. This (3) is my favorite age so far. It’s just so much fun! She’s been getting over a cold from last week, so we’ve had lots of tv snuggle time. But I’m so glad we got outside today. And that I got to take some photos.

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