Monthly Goals: May 2021

It’s May, the days are getting longer and warmer and I am here for it!

I’ve always loved May, it means that summer is coming and that we can finally get outside more often after a long winter. I’m feeling all of my usual excited feelings even more than usual because this past winter was really rough on me (and a lot of people!)

But more of the world is getting vaccinated, things are starting to be more normal, and life feels good.

My big goal in April was to finish my first draft! I am so so so close to actually being done (I think it’s gonna happen this week). But let’s dive into my monthly goals for May.

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As always, I use the Powersheets Goal Planner to set + track my goals! Right now you can get the 6-month undated set of Powersheets to start setting intentional goals.

May Monthly Goals

  • Finish Draft! This is a given since I just mentioned it. But I need to finish this first draft!
  • Start novel edits! Once I finish my draft, I’ll let it sit before jumping into my quick edit, which is a fast read-through of the novel, then I’ll start developmental edits.
  • Send out my author newsletter. It’s time to send out an author newsletter and this one’s gonna be exciting! Be sure to subscribe at the end of this post so that you can get all the updates!
  • Hire an editor. I won’t actually need an editor until August/September, but I want to have one ready!
  • 3 blog posts. While I’m shifting my focus a lot towards publication, I still love blogging so you’ll still see a handful of posts throughout the month!

May Weekly Goals:

  • Family Home Evening (FHE). This is a weekly activity that happens generally on Monday where we gather as a family, have a spiritual thought/lesson, and play a game.
  • Listen to new music. I LOVE music but I realized that I’ve been listening to a lot of the same stuff recently, which is fine, but this month I’m hoping to discover some new artists! (so if you have a fave album or artist, let me know in the comments so I can check them out!) I’m up for trying anything, so any artist or music genre is on my radar!

May Daily Goals:

  • Read + study the scriptures
  • Read scriptures with Von. We’ve got a great picture version of the scriptures that I want to actually start reading with Von. We’ll read a page or two right when she wakes up from her nap.
  • Write. Mainly my novel, but also blogging and journalling!
  • Move my body intentionally. Whether it’s a workout or a neighborhood walk, I want to move every day.
  • Get outside. With the warmer weather, I’m excited to spend more time in the backyard + exploring parks and other outside things in our city!

What are your goals this month? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. Tay, I am so so so proud of you for writing a book! I can’t freaking wait until its published! You are such an incredible person and I love following along with you!!!

  2. I love your FHE!! What a fun and intentional idea…I may have to steal it (;

  3. This is awesome! I always do 6 month and 1 year goals. But doing monthly goals s a greet idea!

  4. I love making monthly goals and it sounds like you have some great ones!

  5. I definitely plan on getting outside more this month too! I need to move my body more often, and walks and time outside usually make that happen!

    1. Afternoon walks have been my favorite lately!

  6. You are so focused on your novel, which is awesome! I have had a novel idea in a draft doc for literally years, so it seems so far away to actually have something close to finished. That must feel like a huge accomplishment!

  7. Having goals are so important, and I for sure need to create better weekly goals.

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