My 2020 Goals and Theme

Happy New Year!! We’re here friends! We made it to 2020. I am so excited for the new year and all that it will bring! I love new years and January’s, because even though I know I can set goals anytime, this time of year always feels like a fresh start and I love that.

Last year, I shared my big goals for 2019 + my theme and I wanted to do the same this year! I use Powersheets from Cultivate what Matters to help me stay on track (this isn’t sponsored, I really really love my Powersheets!) So, like last year I’ll be sharing my theme/word for 2020 + my big goals for the year! Let’s get started, cause there’s a lot to talk about.

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My 2020 Goals & Theme

My word for 2020 is JOY!

I chose the word JOY for 2020 because I want to find great pleasure and happiness in my life. In the good, bad, hard, and wonderful parts of it. I want to delight in my life and be a seeker and bearer of joy. I want to have the joy that Von felt as she colored all over my Powersheets.


I thought about a lot of different words, but in the end JOY was what stood out to me the most, and I’m excited to find real and lasting joy, even in the hard times.

My Big Picture Goals for 2020

I talked a little bit about this last year, but I really do love setting goals. But a few years ago I realized that I kept setting goals and then I wouldn’t do anything to actually work towards them. 2019 was my first year using Powersheets and I feel like I really did end the year closer to being the person that I want to be when I’m 80.

I fell in love with motherhood again, I wrote a novel, and I started taking care of myself better. It was a great year and really eye-opening to me. I saw for the first time what happened when I thought about where I wanted to be in the future and took small and simple steps to start in that direction.

By small and simple things, great things do happen! And I’m excited to see that again in 2020.

Goal #1: Delight in my marriage

My #1 goal last year was to love my people well. I feel like I really did awesome in the mom department, but I dropped the ball when it came to my marriage and my relationship with Griffin. So here I am, being fully transparent with you. My marriage isn’t on the rocks or even really struggling, but I feel like so many things could be even better if I changed my attitude and if I made our relationship a bigger priority.

To do this I’ll be doing a few different things throughout the year which include: Thinking about Griffin in more loving ways (and telling him!), going out on dates, not complaining/dumping (because I’m good at being negative Nancy with him and I want to stop!)


Goal #2: Delight in Motherhood

Why? Because somedays I love being a mom and other days I feel like it’s the worst job ever. I love Von but I don’t always love the job. I want to find joy in all the parts though, and I want to be better at leaning in and going with the flow instead of freaking out when things don’t go how I want them to go.

Some of my mini-goals throughout the year will include TV-free days, cultivating individual play, and creating better bed time and nap time routines.

Goal #3: Grow my Faith

I feel like I really grew in my relationship with God in 2019, and I want to work on that more this year. I want to be centered in and on Christ. I need His help and guidance in my life every day, so I need to make time for him.

Mini-goals include: Studying the scriptures daily, reading and studying the Come, Follow Me lessons for Sunday School each week, attending the temple monthly, and reading more Christ-centered books.

Picture from 2016 after a temple trip together.

Picture from 2016 after a temple trip together.

Goal #4: Polish, tighten, edit, and query my novel

It’s no secret that I want to be an author. Last year I made big progress in this because I finished writing my first draft! But that is only the beginning! This year I’ll be doing lots and lots of editing, revising, having beta readers read my book and then doing more editing and revising! My plan is to start querying/pitching agents in quarter 4 or whenever my book is the best it can be!


Goal #5: Cultivate my Finances

This is a goal that I had last year as well! We did a great job and we’re super close to being debt-free! Then we’ll start saving for a house, which is a HUGE goal for 2020. I’m doing a spend-free year to help with this. I’m excited to not feel so controlled by money + impulse purchases.

Goal #6: Connect with people online and in real life

2018 was a super hard year for me. We’d just moved to Colorado and I had a brand new baby and I was so very lonely (thanks for visiting often mom! ;)) In 2019 I started to reach out and make friends. I started going to a moms group (thanks to the moms who picked me up!) and I met our neighbors.

In 2020, we’ll be starting the year in a city that we’ve only been in for a few months. I have a few mom friends that I’m excited to get to know better and connect with. I also want to keep being real and making connections online since that’s the way the world is. I will also be joining (or starting) an in-person book club in my area!

Goal #7: Earn Money as a Blogger

In 2019 I made my first real income as a blogger (it wasn’t a ton, but it was something!) I love blogging so so much. I’d love to be able to make a bigger income in 2020 so that I can help more financially in our family.

To do this I’ll be working to grow my email list (are you subscribed?!), posting consistently (1-2 times a week), and I’ll be finishing up BossPitch which is a course that I am loving!


Goal #8: Delight in Personal Growth

Why? Because a happier me makes everyone (including me) happier!) I did a lot of self-care/self-love in 2019 and it was so good. A lot of that looked like going to the dentist, telling people I need a break, talking with friends.

In 2020 it will look a little different! Why? Because I’m going back to school! I got my associates degree a few years ago, but I never finished my bachelors. I know that in this day and age I don’t need a degree to be able to work and make money. But here’s the thing, I want one! I love learning and I’m so excited to go back to school. I’ll be doing my school online and I start next week. It might take me a few years, but I’m ready and excited!

I’m also going to be making my health a priority again and I’ll be starting with the goal of working out 4-5 times a week!

2020 Goals + Theme

Whew, that was a lot to write about. And maybe you’re sitting here thinking “Taylor, that’s a ton…” and maybe it is. But I’m not starting all of it right away. I’ll be working on these goals throughout the year, little by little, so in the end, I’ll be a few steps closer to living the life I want to be living and to being the person I want to be.

What are your goals (or goal) for 2020? I’d love to hear about it and cheer you on!


  1. Still working through mine, but I’ve come up with 6 solid ones that I’m excited about! This year I’ll be strengthening my connection with God, prioritizing my health, living with intention and mindfulness, working smarter & better, approaching my finances mindfully, and choosing kind. <3

    1. I love those so much!! And I love that we really can start our goals at any time, not just on January 1st!

  2. These are great goals! I love that they are focused but also general. I relate to a few of your goals, like wanting to connect with more people and to make money from blogging. Good luck with all of these!

    1. Thank you! These are my general goals, but I have mini focused goals that will help me achieve them all!

  3. I have a similar goal for my writing! In 2019 I finished my first draft as wel and I’m revising + starting on a new book this month. Kind of a Januwrimo!

    Those are great goals and such a great word for the year! I hope all goes well! 🙂

    1. Best of luck with all of your writing! I’ve started editing and it’s so different than the first draft, but also so much fun!

  4. I’m stealing a few of your goals because they are GOOD! I love how heartfelt and intentional they are, that’s what truly matters. Cheering you on as we head into 2020! (Also that colored on powersheet is adorable!)

    1. Ah thank you! Yes, I feel like in the past I haven’t been as intentional, but I really wanted to do that this year. And thank you, I love the colored page from my daughter!

  5. I keep coming up with new and exciting goals! I love your theme for 2020! I hope you have a great year!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m always growing + changing my goals to fit where I’m at! I hope you have a great 2020 as well 🙂

  6. Happy New Year and great list! 6 and 7 are on our list too. Wishing you the best of luck with your goals!!

    1. Happy New Year! And that’s awesome, I hope you have a great year and accomplish your goals as well.

  7. Beautiful, Taylor! Love your word of the year. 🙂 I have many similar goals – especially #1-#3. Here’s to an amazing year!

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope you have an amazing year as well! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness, all of these are amazing goals!! They are making me excited about goal setting and making wonderful things happen this year. 🙂 I definitely want to work on many of these you mentioned, like delighting in my marriage, spending (doing a no spend month now!), making health a priority and for me, begin making money on my blog.

    I’ve heard BossPitch is amazing!! I love Erica’s blog.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a great 2020 and that you have fun setting your goals.
      BossPitch is amazing so far! I’ve been going slow as I work to get some of my numbers up, but Erica really is a great teacher!

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