My Menstrual Cup Changed My Period (and My Life)

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Ladies, let’s talk periods.


I’ve never liked my period. It lasts 6-8 days, my flow is heavy, some months the cramps are so bad that I can’t get out of bed. It is not what I call a fun time.

After being pregnant + breastfeeding for 16 months, I didn’t have my period for two years. When it started again in spring this year, I was more than bummed.

I was reminded of how itchy and uncomfortable pads were and how much I hated tampons. I needed a new solution.

I happened to be reading on the Going Zero Waste blog all about ways to cut down on plastic when I read about THINX underwear.

I jumped up and down, this was it! This was going to help me! I promptly ordered three pairs and they arrived in the middle of my period, so I wore them for the last couple of days. They are game-changers. No more pads, easy to use and clean and not as gross as I initially expected.

In the next few weeks though, I realized that I’d only worn them on my light days, I didn’t know what I would do for my heavy days. I knew I could order more THINX underwear, but I wanted to keep it simple, since washing my underwear every few hours wasn’t always going to be ideal.

Then I found out about Put A Cup In It which is an AWESOME resource.

They have this quiz to help you find which cup will most likely work best for you, my results said the Saalt small cup would be best for me, so the next day I headed to Target and picked one up.

I boiled it and kept it in it’s little baggie, almost excited to start my next period so that I could try it out. I didn’t do a dry run of putting it in and practicing. I just waited until my period came and that worked just fine for me.

Learning how to get the cup in (and out) is a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s only been one cycle and I’m hooked. I did wear pads the first few days, just to make sure I had the cup in correctly and wasn’t leaking.

Ladies, this cup is a game changer.

I’m never going back to pads and tampons.

I thought the cup would be disgusting, but I found it less gross that a pad or a tampon. On my heavy days I did need to empty it every 3-4 hours since I got the small size that doesn’t hold as much, but I didn’t even mind. Just pop it out, dump, rinse, and stick it back in and I was good to go.

I went to the zoo last Friday and didn’t worry about a thing!

More thoughts about my cup and period underwear.

Here are the last few thoughts about my menstrual cup and period underwear:

  • It’s easy to care for

  • I didn’t feel my cup at all once it was in (if you can feel it, it means it’s not in the correct spot so try inserting it again)

  • It will save me money in the long run + I don’t have to worry about buying pads and tampons every month!

  • It’s environmentally friendly! I’m sending less waste to the landfill because I’m not using pads or tampons and that’s a great feeling. It’s a small thing, but helps me feel like I’m doing a little better than before.

  • I am not a tampon fan, I had to wear them because my flow was heavy, but even then I always wore the ‘light’ ones. I was worried I would hate having something up in my body, but I couldn’t even feel my cup. + my cramps weren’t as bad this month, the cup is supposed to help with that because it’s pressing against the vaginal wall.

I honestly want to shout from the rooftops about how much I love my cup, and I’ve only used it for one period. I was going to wait to post a review until after a few cycles but I couldn’t not talk about it. (which means you’ll probably hear about it again.)

My menstrual cup and period underwear have already changed my life. I definitely recommend giving them a try! I also love that Saalt has an exclusive Facebook group that you can join (before or after you try a cup) to ask any question, share successes or failures (I did drop the cup in the toilet the first time I took it out. Oops. Just boiled it to sanitize and I was good to go), and I’ve learned so much about cups and periods in general from the group.

Saalt has two sizes, a small and a regular. I got the small, but if I could go back I would order this duo pack to try both and see which worked better for me.

Have you ever used a cup? What did you think?