Of Rioters And Royals By M. L. Greye

I had such a fun time reading Of Rioters and Royals!

We follow Declan, who is a challenger to become the princess’s knight and Emry who is the princess. There’s a lot that happens throughout the story, and it was fun to read about the knight trials and everything that happened after that.

The book goes fast, there were so many twists and turns that I was not expecting at all. But I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the budding romance between Declan and Emry.

There was a lot of telling, rather than showing, especially when it came to rooms and other settings. I felt that these weren’t super necessary and I really just wanted to get into the story! The second half of the book really got more into the story and I really enjoyed that.

I will also say that I skimmed a lot of the prologue. It’s the backstory of the world and I was struggling to really connect with it, I just wanted to be in the story so I skimmed/skipped parts of the prologue. After that though, it was really easy to get into the world because it was so fun.

the magic in this world was different than any I’ve seen in YA fantasy so far. Everyone’s power was different based on the color of their eyes and I thought that the author did a great job at showing how the magic system worked. I can’t wait for more in book two!

Book 2, Entwined Paths is out on January 3, 2020. Of Rioters and Royals is out now! I received a copy of the book from the author, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


About Of Rioters and Royals

Emry is a Royal – a princess of Enlennd. As is tradition, she must have a knight at her side as her protector. The only way to appoint one is through The Trials. Her Challengers from the five regions of Enlennd must compete for the infamous title of Princess’s Knight. The problem, though, is that the people of Enlennd are split into two categories: Rioters and Royals. Finding the perfect knight may be the last of her worries. War is coming to Enlennd.

Declan is a Rioter. An upriser. An anarchist. He mistrusts the Jewels – the sovereign family of Enlennd. Yet, he is offering himself up as a Challenger in The Trials. The Mistress, leader of the Rioters, has a mission for him. The first step is for him to become the Princess’s Knight. He is ready for the task, until he actually meets Emry and discovers that betraying her would be much more difficult than he’d thought.


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