Our Preschool Plan This Year

Von is 3 and could have gone to preschool. We even had her enrolled, but with the high covid numbers and uncertainty with that and her not being potty trained (send help) we kept her home.

We’re now doing what I’ve dubbed as “mom school”. Last year I tried to do Busy Toddler’s Playing Preschool. And while I liked it, it also felt like SO MUCH! When seasonal depression kicked in, I felt like a complete failure if we only did one thing instead of all the daily activities. Which, I know isn’t actually true, but depression is a liar.

So last year, with preschool fizzling out mid-November, I decided to take a different approach to it this year.

Every day we do ‘morning time’, where we talk about the date and the weather. We go over an attribute card and read our illustrated scriptures.

After that, I do one activity from Busy Toddler or online.

My biggest focus for this pre-school year is these two things: read-aloud and outdoor play.

The goal is to get outside every day (unless it is like… below 10 degrees, then maybe not) and to read every single day. Von LOVES listening to longer audiobooks like the Mercy Watson series, so I think we might be able to start reading some short chapter books at night before bed.

Plus lots of reading during the day! Thank you library!

I’m trying to keep preschool laid back and with things I enjoy so that if seasonal depression hits me hard again this year, I’ll still be able to do something!

Books at the top of our list to read aloud soon are:

For more booklists, check out Bookshop.Org

I’m also planning to make a bookworm for Von’s room, with all the books we’ll read together!

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