Planting Seeds

I stretch out on my bed, Von and Griffin still sleeping beside me. I wonder if someday I’ll miss waking up to Von’s snuggles. Instead of feeling annoyed that for the past six months she’s ended up in our bed, this morning I feel grateful that she feels safe close beside us. 

I grab my phone. Maybe it’s not a great habit to have in the morning, but instead of pulling up Instagram (cause it’s currently deleted) I open up Stephanie Nielson’s blog because apparently, she’s all I’ve been reading in the mornings these days.

I’ve been inspired by her testimony, her mothering, her homemaking, and so much more as I’ve read old posts from her blog. Maybe it’s weird, to go back and read (and read and read) blog posts from over the years. I feel like this happens occasionally to me though, I find a writer who I connect with and then I just have to read all the things they’ve written. Even though, in this case, I’ve read a lot of it before.

The first post I read starts with the line “This morning I was studying this conference talk,” and I think, I want to do that in the mornings too!

I click over to the gospel library app and pull open the talk that Stephanie mentioned. Halfway through, I realize it isn’t hitting me right. These aren’t the words I need today.

I click back to the April 2021 conference and open this talk by Joy D. Jones. The words answered a prayer that’s been on my mind the past few weeks. How can I talk about the gospel more in my home? How can I be a better example to Von of someone who loves God and lives in righteousness?

This talk is all about having essential conversations with our children. They won’t learn about God and who Christ is unless we teach them and unless we talk about it. 

“We cannot wait for conversion to simply happen to our children. Accidental conversion is not a principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Becoming like our Savior will not happen randomly. Being intentional in loving, teaching, and testifying can help children begin at a young age to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.”

Von wakes up. I grab the Book of Mormon (picture edition) from her room and read a chapter with her. She snuggles against me as we read about Nephi building a boat and how we will be blessed as we follow God’s commandments.

I love God. I love Jesus. We talk about it in our home, because it’s a big part of who we are (as parents and people). But I know there’s more we can be doing to raise Von knowing who God is and how her life will be better when she turns to Him. I want to give her that confidence.

She’s only 3 right now, but now is the perfect time to start. We’re planting seeds that will help her continue to grow to be a woman of God. A woman who is kind and loving, who serves and gives, and also teaches and helps. The world is crazy and it seems like there is just so much evil and darkness all over the place.

I want Von to know where to look for the light and how to share that. And she can only know those things if we show her where to look.

She already watches me so closely, wanting to do things like mommy. I love that. I feel the weight of that. One I’m happy to have. My deepest hope is for her to grow up and love God too, even if right now all she wants to do is have matching nails.

As we nurture and prepare our children, we allow for their agency, we love them with all our heart, we teach them God’s commandments and His gift of repentance, and we never, ever, give up on them. After all, isn’t this the Lord’s way with each of us?

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