Reading the Scriptures Out Loud

Von woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

We all have days like that. When everything feels hard and doesn’t seem to go our way (in this case it was me saying no to watching Mickey Mouse before we’d even had breakfast)

But the morning tears made me wonder how our day would go. Would V have a hard day all day? Would I be able to respond with love or would I snap because I haven’t been feeling very well?

Around 11, Von was playing happily with her sensory bin full of water, with me sitting next to her. I grabbed my scriptures since I woke up late and hadn’t had time to do my morning study.

Von said “read to me mommy” those are words that I never ignore, and for a half-second, I was tempted to run into her room and grab the scriptures that have pictures.

Instead, I just started to read. I first read our chapter for the Come, Follow Me lesson this week. Then Von said “keen reading!”

So I flipped to where I was in the Book of Mormon and then decided to just start reading it out loud from the beginning to her. I read six pages before I had to stop because it was lunchtime and I was hungry.

I feel like up to this point, it’s been a struggle to read scriptures with von. We talk about Jesus and God often but she does not want to listen to the scriptures. Until today.

i have no idea if she’ll like me reading to her like this again, but I’ll definitely keep doing it as long as she will listen. And I hope she will know someday how much peace and comfort and truth the scriptures bring because they are God’s word. I hope she’ll find that peace and comfort someday, and maybe if we keep reading together, she’ll remember that too ❤️

She also wore something other than her favorite green dress (it was very dirty and needed to be washed) and I had to document that! She’s getting so big.

  1. This is precious!! 🙂 I got Zoe some Latter-day Baby books and she absolutely has no idea what they even are but I love reading them to her.

    1. I love the Latter-Day baby books! They’re so fun! Zoe will learn to love them too!

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