Saying Goodbye

It’s still hard to believe that later today we’ll load everything up into a moving truck and leave this apartment behind.


Von playing with Persephone at the dog park one day this week.

Von playing with Persephone at the dog park one day this week.


We’re moving!

Griffin got a new job (praise!) and we’ll be living with his parents for a bit to help us save some money.

And while I’ll miss this lovely (I mean sort of crappy) apartment, I’ll miss the people we’ve met more. The friendships I’ve made with different men and women at church and in our apartment complex.

I realized yesterday that there isn’t enough time to say goodbye to everyone. I feel sort of like I’m on my mission again, about to be transferred. We only found out about the job on Monday and now we’re moving on Friday (today). Call us crazy.

It’s been quite the week.

Von loves playing with all the boxes. Persephone is freaking out, stressed as more and more boxes are filled. She shouldn’t be, because she’s coming with us. But she still is, and she will be until she’s in the car as we head North.

I feel like my mind has been going a mile a minute. Trying to remember all the things I need to do, cancel, and pack before we head out later today. We’ve spent the week packing and cleaning and saying goodbye to the people I’ve come to love.

Moving is hard for me. Before my mission I lived in three houses, all within a five minute walk of each other. I love being settled and having roots somewhere.

My mission helped a little with getting used to moving, but it’s still hard. This will be our fourth move together as a family (well, only the second move for Von) and it is hard. Even though I knew we wouldn’t stay in this apartment forever, some part of me wishes we still had a little more time. But it’s time to go and see where this next adventure takes us.

Happy Friday Friends! Spiritual thought for the week: Thy Troubles to Bless

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