Snow in the Summer Time

Okay, so it’s not technically summer yet, but school ends for most kids here this week and Memorial day is in a week and as I type this I’m watching SNOW fall down from the sky.

I really really need to move to a place where it isn’t still wintery on May 20th.


I wanted to start blogging more during the week, I’ll still be sharing some book reviews + book related posts, as well as some helpful things about motherhood, mental illness, and possibly even some about blogging. But I wanted to get back to what I did when I first started blogging.

When I talked about life and the things happening. When my blog was still a blog but also kind of a journal. Maybe no one will read it, but at least i’ll have the memories written down. I want to keep a record for me, for Von, and I love being able to do that here.

I won’t share everything, but I am going to be more open about the things going on. I’d also really like to get back in the habit of a physical, pen to paper journal, but I’m taking this step first.

This week my parents are in town and today we stayed inside while my dad was working up north of where we live and we watched the rain. Von LOVED playing with my mom and she still wasn’t too sure about my dad when he got to come hang out when he was done working.

It’s so fun to have my parents here. I have a hard time not living as close to them as I’d like too, but I also know that Colorado is where we’re supposed to be right now. A few weeks ago I was feeling homesick for my family and I’m glad that we get to spend the week together.

Even though we won’t get to hang out outside much like I thought we would, since it’s well, snowing in May. (And not just wet snow, it’s sticking!)

But it’s all good. We did go on a Target run to get some snacks, Von had a ton of fun running around the isles and when she was tired she just sat down. I loved that. She also helped push a random lady’s cart.

The things you can do when you’re only one.

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