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Hi there friend!

Yesterday I shared all about how I’ve been wanting to build a Christ-centered life + help women do the same. I also talked a little about a new study that I’m starting today.

Together we’ll be studying all of the talks from the October 2019 General Conference. This started because my sister and I wanted to study these over the next 6 months and I wanted to invite you to study with us!

I’ll be sharing thoughts and insights here on my blog fairly regularly + I started a new account over on Instagram (@andsheknewit) where I’ll be posting several times a week where we can discuss what we’re studying and learning!

There are so many things we can be learning from the scriptures and also from the words of our prophet and apostles that are on the earth today. It can be so overwhelming. I know because I feel that overwhelm. But I’ve broken all of the talks from our past conference (which you can find here) so we’ll be studying 1-2 a week!

Every Monday I’ll send out an email that has a quote + a link to the talk or talks for that week! It will be simple and easy but it will also be an opportunity for us to study these words together.

I hope you’ll join us. Grab the schedule below so you can get on the list for our weekly emails!

This week we’ll be reading + studying The Message, the Meaning, and the Multitude by Jeffrey R. Holland.

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